At Noon Fell a Darkness



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wickedmikehampton 7 / 10 / 10

"Courage walks at night."

Ethereal yet poetically powerful. The stark beauty of the land is the cinemaphotographer. A joyful embrace of depression, darkness the freedom for introspection and creativity. A unique insight into Icelandic music, a soundtrack for global Winter.

Reviewed by tkol-58879 / 10

A meditative experience exploring Icelandic values

A mix of poetry, music, and cinematography comes together in a perfect symphony. If you are in Coronavirus isolation right now, this will transport you to somewhere else where you can just descend into a meditative state getting lost in the art of it all. Some of the songs and poetry explore themes of isolation, darkness, and getting through difficult times and this is the perfect film to help you get through these difficult times. While some pieces are very avant-garde which you will not like or understand, they are relieved through the beautiful pieces that you will instantly connect with as a human.

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