Avenging Angel


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Betsy Russell as Molly "Angel" Stewart
Ossie Davis as Alexander Billman
Rory Calhoun as Logan Cates
Susan Tyrrell as Esther
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10 / 10

Karin Mani , Robert Tessier , Ossie Davis , plus Angel, YoYo, Kit Carson & Solly

"Avenging Angel" is a worthy, but different sequel to "Angel". The same seedy Hollywood Boulevard locations, are again used to great advantage. Betsy Russell plays "Angel" this time,and along with her street comrades, Rory Calhoun and Susan Tyrrell, they go after the mobsters who killed their friend, Lt. Andrews ( Robert F. Lyons). Karin Mani has a brief, but memorable nude shower scene, Robert Tessier is a helpful tattoo artist, while Ossie Davis plays a police captain. The movie has moments of welcome humor, especially relating to springing Rory Calhoun from a sanitarium. Sure the violence is cartoon-like, but "Avenging Angel" is entertaining, and that's really all that matters. - MERK

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10 / 10

Heavens to Betsy—just look at Angel now!

Wow, Molly Stewart, AKA former prostitute 'Angel', sure has changed in the three or four years since she quit hooking on the Boulevard: now played by Betsy Russell (replacing winsome Donna Wilkes, star of the first film), she's gained a couple of cup sizes, developed longer legs, sports an impressive perm, and is training to be a lawyer, thanks to the help of her guardian, Hollywood vice cop Lt. Andrews (Robert F. Lyons). Molly's new life goes on hold, however, after Andrews is shot dead by gangsters; teaming up with her old pals, aging cowboy Kit Carson (Rory Calhoun) and lesbian landlady Solly Mosler (Susan Tyrell), she once again walks the sleazy sidewalks of Hollywood as Angel, this time looking for revenge. For this cheesy sequel to his 1984 exploitation movie Angel, director Robert Vincent O'Neill throws any sense of realism in the nearest side-alley dumpster, opting instead for a much campier approach, his eccentric misfit characters even more exaggerated than before, his villains ridiculously reprehensible, and the violence about as cartoonish as it gets. The film begins promisingly enough, with a car full of gangsters loading their weapons while heading downtown to 'off' a big-breasted undercover cop (who is busy taking a shower, natch!), a blaring Bronski Beat soundtrack giving everything that delightfully tacky 80s vibe. When the killers make their move, they blast their victims in the guts, resulting in some messy squib-work. Unfortunately, after this impressive opening, everything gets rather too comical for my liking (Rory Calhoun riding a gurney like a rodeo champ, as Angel and Solly bust him out of a sanitarium being the most cringe-worthy moment). Still, even though Avenging Angel lacks the gritty edge that I generally look for in my vigilante/revenge flicks, and gets really, really dumb towards the end, the ever present sight of the delectable Miss Russell in a series of tight-as-you-like outfits, including a very sexy nurse get-up, makes the film just about bearable (no nudity from the star, but hey, I've always got her 1983 film Private School for that!).

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 5 / 10 / 10

Avenging Angel

Molly Stewart(Betsy Russell)returns to the Boulevard after her mentor and guardian, a detective, is gunned down while trying to stop gangsters who had just shot dead an undercover cop and her parents in cold blood. Donning her "Angel" persona once again, this time a college graduate and skilled lawyer, she'll seek out those responsible with the help of some old friends. Director Robert Vincent O'Neill and writer Joseph Michael Cala do not duplicate the grit that made the previous film so arresting, and the tone(..despite the violence)is a lot goofier. The threat in this film, a mobster and his sadistic hoods, are rather bumbling when they aren't blowing innocent folks away with shot gun blasts. Russell(..known for her work in the SAW series and the silly slasher CHEERLEADER CAMP), in the titular role, is undeniably sexy and the camera(..and her choice of "street wardrobe")clings to her very tantalizing figure. After watching it, I'm not sure this sequel was necessary, this was obviously made by New World Pictures to cash in on the original entry. Three actors from the previous film return, Rory Calhoun(..as dependable, aging cowboy stuntman relic Kit Carson), Steven M Porter(..as Yo-Yo Charlie, the street comedian in Charlie Chaplin costume), and Susan Tyrell(..as profane "Jewish dyke" hotel tenant Solly Mosler, who carries a facial expression as if she sucked on a sour lemon)to assist Angel in getting revenge on those responsible for the murder of her detective friend, Andrews(Robert F Lyons). Ossie Davis, wasted in a rather thankless role, is Captain Harry Moradian, out to find the one on his force responsible for getting two good cops killed. Barry Pearl is a new street character added to the team of "misfit vigilantes", as Johnny Glitter, wanted by the mob for he was at the crime scene when Andrews was shot. Paul Lambert is Arthur Gerard, the mobster behind property corruption that's tearing apart the district around the Boulevard. Frank Doubleday(freakshow Romero of Escape from New York fame)is Gerard's son, Miles. Ross Hagen plays the nasty killer Ray Mitchell who enjoys his line of work and Hoke Howell has a funny cameo as a drunkard who "operates" a building containing an endless supply of bums. Despite a rather lackluster scenario featuring a team containing a former hooker, elderly retired cowboy stuntman, and sourpuss tenant against ruthless gangsters, cinematographer Peter Lyons Collistor offers some fine photography, capturing the bright lights of the streets especially well. The scummy atmosphere that made the original film more realistic and disturbing seems missing in AVENGING ANGEL. Furthermore, Russell looks nothing at all like Donna Wilkes(..Angel from the first film)and the authenticity is rather lacking..would those she hasn't seen in four years really believe Russell was the Angel they knew and love?

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