Avenging Force


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Dudikoff is forced into action in this violent comic book-style adventure

This enjoyable crime chiller concerns about Matt Hunter (Michael Dudikoff) , a former secret service agent , now retired but he goes into action when his best friend , an African-American US candidate (Steve James) suffers a killing attempt in which to be murdered his son during a cavalcade through New Orleans streets . His former boss (James Booth, also screenwriter) assigns him the dangerous mission . The American agent single-handedly takes on an army of criminals called the Pentangle , a right-wing terrorist organization (led by nasty John P. Ryan) and dedicated to human chase guised in masks on marsh of New Orleans . One again , Dudikoff metes out his own justice and moved to violence when his sister is kidnapped and wipes out a passel of heinous villains . Michel Dudikoff is an ex-agent who encounters ample reasons and opportunity to utilize his deadly skills . Lots of shoot-outs and fighting and plenty of suspense and thrills . It's a gripping story of one man's revenge , including graphic violent scenes . The film displays a Norris' style but Chuck does it better . In fact , Chuck Norris was originally planned to return as the character Matt Hunter in this sequel to Invasión USA but he became tied up on other Cannon film productions . Rising Cannon star Michael Dudikoff then was then cast in the role instead . Here Dudikoff continues to set new standards for action in this mindless but agreeable for thriller films fans . The movie is co-starred by Steve James (1952-1993) ,who is watchable as ever , he usually played sidekick to tough stars , Dudikoff (three times), Norris and David Carradine , but he early died by pancreatic cancer . The motion picture was professionally directed by Sam Firstenberg . He's a martial-art genre expert , as he directed the American Ninja (I , II , The revenge ,The domination..) saga with Dudikoff and Delta Force films . Rating : Above average action-revenge story .

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 6 / 10 / 10

A diverting vehicle for Dudikoff.

Michael Dudikoff plays Matt Hunter, a retired Secret Service agent who supports the political campaign of his old friend Larry Richards (Steve James). Unfortunately, Larry is being threatened by a right wing terrorist organization named Pentangle. Their boss is the creepy Elliott Glastenbury (John P. Ryan), who regularly gives his goons training exercises in the Louisiana swamps. Hunters' old boss, Admiral Brown (James Booth, who also wrote the movie) tries to press him back into service but Hunter will have none of that. Fate, of course, will dictate otherwise. The Cannon Group were always good at cranking out potboiler genre productions throughout the 1980s, but "Avenging Force" is even better than usual. This is largely because of first rate action, an above average performance by The Dude, the eternally charismatic James (who could have easily headlined his own vehicle during his short lifetime), a genuinely thrilling finale (taking place in the swamps *and* in the rain), and a formidable bad guy. Ryan excels in this role; the movie really belongs to him and James. A decent supporting cast includes William Wallace, Karl Johnson, and Marc Alaimo as assorted baddies. However, child actress Allison Gereighty doesn't fare too well playing Matts' kid sister. One can hardly fail to notice that "Avenging Force" has a rather hard edge. There certainly are elements and plot developments with which some viewers could take issue. The overall entertainment value is substantial; this may be the most accomplished movie on the resume of action specialist Sam Firstenberg ("American Ninja", "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"). Having been shot on location in Louisiana, it does have some solid production values. It dives into the action right away. The ultimate resolution isn't altogether satisfying, though. Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by MRogen 6 / 10 / 10

Very violent meets cheesy 80s

The first hour is a build up for the hate and revenge of Michael Dudikoff's character. Actual themes like white supremacy are ever present and the corrupt villains have no mercy for no one. Even for today's standards, it's pretty violent although not graphic. The flow of the story is rather clumsy and in many ways inconsistent. It has a lot of plot holes but hey, it was the 80s. The movie was clearly designed as a starring vehicle for then B-Movie poster boy Dudikoff. Although in several european markets marketed as such, the movie has no connection to the American Ninja series. Overall it's good 80s action entertainment but thats about it.

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