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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjpetro-smtp 8 / 10 / 10

What is up with these negative reviews?

It's like Short Attention-Span Theatre up in here. I found the film human, and riveting. If Michael Mann had shot this (and there seems to be an obvious influence,) people would be predictably raving. The raw dialogue was smart and voyeuristic. And the driving around was soothing and familiar. The slow build of the phone calls, escalating to the climax, was genius writing. I'm just glad I ignored these other folk on here and watched it anyway. I could watch it again. Two thumbs up, Aisha!

Reviewed by filmtravel101 1 / 10 / 10

Low budget Terrible Story - All shot in a car. Rip off of Locke but on zero budget

This film unfortunately is a super low budget film that is shot entirely inside one car driving around LA. That is the entire premise talking about life in hollywood. After 30 minutes you start to think maybe it will change to something entertaining rather than the talking Irish leprechuan actor but it does not. Unfortunately it tries to be a rip off of Locke with Tom Hardy mixed in with talk of life in Hollywood but we never see his life in hollywood at all or anyone. Just talks about it and it's pretty dull and the go pro camera angles get old quickly. Save your money for a real story that is entertaining. I give it 1 star for the main actor and the go pro camera shots.

Reviewed by pwelsh28 1 / 10 / 10

The best way to watch this movie...

Watch it on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone. Turn the video off because there's absolutely nothing visual to grab your attention. Instead, listen to the audio and do all of your work (write emails, surf Facebook, etc). Skip ahead every 10 minutes because you're not missing any details at all. Fast forward to the last 5 minutes and try to figure out the ending. In reality, Axis is like a basketball game. All of the action is in the last minutes of the game. Only this game doesn't really go any where. This movie is so bad I can't begin to explain it. If I could give it half of a star I would. Why can't Hollywood make good movies any more?

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