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Isla Fisher as Katie
Kirsten Dunst as Lisa's Daughter
Lizzy Caplan as Party Girl
Rebel Wilson as Jennyanydots
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sylviaugogrl 1 / 10 / 10

Don't bother, you can never get that hour and a half back of your life!

In short 3 self absorbed, coke head, boxes of rocks basically attempt to throw a Bachelorette party for (Rebel) they claim to be friends with her (but they don't actually care about her at all) The movie is more about the bridesmaids than the bride and they are NOT FUNNY like literally I didn't even laugh one time and I really, really wanted to. Unless you are someone who acts like them, treats people like crap, does drugs, super fake and decides at the end to kind of fix things poorly then maybe you'll find it funny, and I am far from uptight. I almost laugh at everything. I'm just very confused why this cast would sign up to have their name on this it blows my mind. Trust me the idea which has been done to death seems like it could be funny, but they seriously tanked on this one. Two thumbs down!!!!

Reviewed by WhitneylTerry 1 / 10 / 10


Two stars for somehow convincing these actors that this script was worth the permanent scar on their filmography. Although people are, indeed, this selfish; even mildly decent movies are written around relatable qualities that don't make you feel like you spent 90 minutes of your time hating the fact that you might somehow be as selfish as any of these girls. Absolutely terrible, no unique personalities, no character growth, just complete awfulness. This pretty great cast couldn't even hold the thin plot and poorly written humor "romcom" together because there is no way a single actor related to the one-dimensional aspects of this awful movie.

Reviewed by jotaemesg-55393 1 / 10 / 10

Worthless, wicked, and not a bit funny.

The bad reviews regarding this film are utterly right. A pack of stoned whores and jerks betray and forsake an overweight former class mate on the very eve of her wedding. It is as dreadful a movie as one where healthy sports people made fun of disabled people or worse. It is cowardly and base. I watched this on German TV but you can tell from the users comments that it works the same in every language, so no misunderstandings here. The so called jokes are gross and unpalatable. Ten minutes into the movie you wonder where the comedy is. Twenty minutes into it you intensely want Lt. Aldo Raine and his boys to butt in and start shooting, knifing and scalping all those bastards ("that" would make a dark comedy), which of course and unfortunately never happens. Now, it is very sad to see this kind of crap coming from Hollywood, the city of dreams for so many movie lovers like me. What also angers me is to get the impression that most of the players seem to be having a great time while making this unspeakable flicker. Just for that I will never forgive them. I do not think they were in such hardship so as not to be able to reject the script.

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