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Sonia Braga as Irene
Udo Kier as Picasso Killer / Aaron Garvey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tchelo98 10 / 10 / 10

Good from beginning to end

This movie gets you going in a way that maybe you weren't expecting from an action thriller and shows genuine characters that you come to care about really early. It also introduces you to a place that's rough and angry and you realize that there's a perfect symbiosis with this rugged land and with its people. The problems they suffer on a daily basis ( lack of water, food, unwilling and corrupted government officials ), make them to the eye of certain people and corporations as second class citizens and maybe PREY!!!

Reviewed by munchen_oc 9 / 10 / 10

An instant classic

A movie that in the beginning is very fluid but once it starts to get solid, is a complete masterpiece. An outstanding piece of art, violent,funny,bloody, lovely, is all about identity. A complete movie.

Reviewed by fernandoschuck-80098 9 / 10 / 10

A Superb masterpiece

Just came back from the cinema caught with so many thoughts on the various ideas that this film brings as its messages, or its core, but packaged with the estethics of a Quentin Tarantino like movie, in a very original art. The film begins showing a passenger and the water supply truck driver driving through an arid and almost desert land somewhere in countryside of Pernambuco to a funeral in the small town Bacurau. So, right from the beggining the viewer might think that this movie is some sort of surreal and senseless movie and it can seem even lame at first. As the movie develops, it is visible that this movie is a fable -with elements pointing to the past - and dystopia- aspects that point towards a frightening future. Why? Foreigners doing whatever they want disregarding anything but their own pleasure. Local politicians who put their own people in danger in exchange of bribes from foreigners. The ridiculous role of south and south eastern brazilians with some far away european descent perceiving themselves as closer to europeans and thus better than the average brazilian - the 'cowboys' identified later as a justice staff... Anything familiar? Well, and of course, the museum (Brazils national museum burned to the ground in 2018). Neglected by the southeastern and later shown in the story, it has the marks of culture and guards peoples identity (in the case, foreigners were ignorant to local resistance culture). So when you hit people you cant turn back to their history. The museum represents a large symbolic element in this movie. masterpiece!

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