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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by slugerama 7 / 10 / 10

Bad Eggs is Good Eggs

There are a number of Australian movies around that tend to play up the typical Australian bloke or "sheila" image which quite frankly, make me want to curl up and die in embarrassment. (One of the previews I saw with this movie does nothing to make me think otherwise, a movie called Take Away). Then there are movies like Bad Eggs. Bad Eggs tends not to try and have a laugh at us Aussies, rather, it aims (and for the most part, succeeds) in going for main stream comedy which could well work for international audiences. If you can get past the so called "acting"(they are mostly stand up comedians, not thespians)you may end up enjoying a very witty movie, which contains quite a few sight gags, which are very funny. (The one in which the security guard is watching a send up of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? is quite hilarious) "Imagine what you could do, with that cash bonanza of $478 dollars". Even if you are not an Aussie, you should still find plenty to laugh at with this movie. This is without doubt "Champagne comedy"

Reviewed by the_crock 8 / 10 / 10

no more spoofs

There have been many movies made that are unintelligent spoofs of other movies. Luckily a large portion of these go straight to DVD these days, but every now and then one slips through the crack and I end up watching it. I'm always disappointed. They are littered with obvious jokes, and often look like they were ghost written by Fran Drescher. Even though I am a huge fan of Tony Martin, I was just a little sceptical that his movie wasn't just to be a cheap spoof of old Aussie cop movies. After ten minutes I knew I was onto a winner and that this movie was able to make me laugh without resorting to cheap "skit show" type humour. This movie didn't go great in the cinema, but hopefully someone gives Tony Martin a big pile of cash to make another movie. It would be a shame for Australian cinema if he didn't make another movie. Tony Martin may not be a cinematic visionary, but he knows movies and comedies, that's more than I can say for most directors. I enjoyed this movie, and it was great to not see jokes coming. Long live bad eggs.

Reviewed by mighty_pickman 8 / 10 / 10

Very Funny

A very solid directorial debut from one of Australia's finest comedy talents. Well written with good performances from Bob Franklin, Judith Lucy & long time Martin partner in crime Mick Molloy. Not a laugh a minute film, but very funny all the same, with a strong storyline (something too many comedies lack). The opening scene from a visual gag point of view is a real highlight. Another thing worth noting, in a recent radio interview to promote the film, Martin said he made a conscious effort not put any trams in the film, as trams always seem to make an appearance in films set in Melbourne. Martin succeeds, this time including a train, part of another funny scene

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