Bad Hair


Comedy / Horror

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October 27, 2020



Blair Underwood as Amos Bludso
James Van Der Beek as Grant Madison
Michelle Hurd as Maxine Bludso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterboddie 9 / 10 / 10

Campy Fun that still makes a point

This movie was fun from beginning to end with an amazing cast. Seriously, everyone I love was in this movie! My only complaint was that Nicole Byer was barely in it lol. On top of the fun story, music, and concept; the Underlying message about pressures put on women's beauty, ESPECIALLY black women, was really impact if you without being preachy. This was a romp that I'll recommend to everyone!

Reviewed by nick-67428 8 / 10 / 10

Very original. And very entertaining.

I watched an original movie last night on Hulu called "Bad Hair" about a young woman in the 80's who gets a makeover to advance her career, but ends up with a possessed killer weave from the hair of African witches. Superstar cast like Vanessa Williams, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Laverne Cox, Lena Waithe. Really well done. It was a very unique story that did a great job at portraying the late 80's. A lot of racial subtext touching on the pressures of using hair relaxers and sew-ins to assimilate to societal "norms". All while showcasing some cultural folklore. Plus it had some good jokes. Vanessa Williams never fails to disappoint. A must watch.

Reviewed by mike_NY 8 / 10 / 10

Very Entertaining

This movie gets a complex balance of themes just's not quite a horror film...far too tongue in cheek and humorous. But the humor is subtle, not in your face. It has some messages but doesn't take itself too seriously. Most of all: the entire cast is extremely committed! Not one phoned in performance. Speaking of the cast, it helps to know the black entertainment industry because a ton of people are in this: where else can you find Blair Underwood, Usher, Laverne Cox, and MC Lyte in small supporting roles? This movie should have you smiling quite a bit...and Vanessa Williams never fails to deliver in her patented Dominique Devereaux attitude...who else can serve up a line like "My Killer Weave Support Group?" Meanwhile, you really don't need to know all but the rudiments of black hair and weaves to get the plot...if you don't: it's a movie in the vein of Death Becomes Her...where vanity comes at a price. Not for nothing, it also gets black 1989 perfectly. The clothes. The music. The conflict between natural and processed hair. The fact that this has such a low rating is incomprehensible to me.

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