Bad Moms

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Christina Applegate as Christine Montgomery
Eugenia Kuzmina as Fashion Model
Jay Hernandez as Carlito Brigante
Kristen Bell as Mary Lane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sleemice 8 / 10 / 10

Great movie that's underated

I loved this movie and I think the "bad moms" complemented each other well. This movie isn't just entertaining for mums only but for all women over the age of 18 I think. I would definitely watch this movie again after a 1 year period. I don't usually like Mila Kunis because she always seems to have the same facial expression to me but in this movie I absolutely loved her as the lead.

Reviewed by pamtha 2 / 10 / 10

Wish I could give negative score. Spoiler alert

I believe anyone involved with the production of this movie should be required to pay damages to those who wasted even 5 minutes having their minds polluted with this drivel. If you removed the near constant crude comments about sex and sexual organs as well as the profanity there would be maybe 15 minutes left of the show. The men are characterized as morons, the 'moms' as clueless, disorganized wimps except for the female co-star. She is a sexually aggressive piranha with no filter. If the part had been played by a man who groped and made sexually suggestive comments towards women you'd see women up in arms crying about sexism. They would be digging in their purses for their therapist's emergency phone numbers five minutes in. But it's okay for a female lead to portray this and men should be okay with it? Double standard there? The 'children' in the show are portrayed as disrespectful and patronizing towards their parents with no consequences. I've been searching for an appropriate description of this show and it is 'mind filth'. I do believe this is the worst movie I have ever seen. Ever.

Reviewed by SeamusMacDuff 2 / 10 / 10

Bad Moms, Bad Movie, Bad Time

This movie is bad on just about every level: concept, acting, writing, consistency. It's supposed to show how tough life is for moms these days but can't decide i it wants to be a raunch-fest, a family thing, or have a moral. A single mom (whose husband is a boob), a stay-at-home mom (whose husband is a tyrant), and a sex-crazed skank mom (no hubby) get together and - what exactly? They decide unfunny Mila Kunis needs to get laid so they transform her and go bar-hopping where one after another hot guy disconnects until hot single Latin father and she connect for the most chaste sex scene on film. (The real problem with female raunch films is that they don't want to get naked. Shades of 'Sarah Marshall', also with Bell and Kunis and also unfunny.) Hann is wholly unlikeable; a male character with the same characteristics would be decried. Think Rob Corrddry. Kunis gets fired, she can't reconcile with her ex-, her kids have problems - but she faces them all with the same bland non-angst. There's the evil PTA that somehow runs the school with the "perfect" moms as counterpoint which is so over the top that it's parody. What, no working moms have it together, or have good husbands? The manifesto speech at the end undercuts everything but of course the bond of momhood trumps all and they all fly off in a private jet. (What about the kids? Oh, moms gotta be moms). Save your money and your time.

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