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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by divyasingh532 10 / 10 / 10

Winner All the Way !!

Haven't seen such a beautiful movie in recent Times. Its Salman's Best movie till date. BB is not an Anti-Pakistan film. It's a possibility that it will be a lesser commercial success than Kick or Ek Tha Tiger. Its not Salman's type of movies but probably the best one. KK has been vigilant about sense and aesthetics more than just looking into a mass appeal. This could be a new beginning for a successful director to becoming a good director. He has been helped a great deal by Vijayendra Prasad's story and a capable production design team of Rajnish Hedao. Vijayendra' a household name in South market, has brought an original story with a lot of room to attract cine- goers. Rajnish's team, well known for PK, Rockstar and Three Idiots, already has vast experience of multi- location shoots. BB spreads across various cities and weathers and production design and art direction is always tough for such films. Credit to KK for utilizing the resources at hand in the best possible way.

Reviewed by ranjanac 10 / 10 / 10

Finally something refreshing!

Despite being a Salman fan I was not too impressed with some of his recent flicks which in my humble opinion lacked freshness or had mindless direction, so when a family member bought tickets for this movie I didn't go in with high expectations. But to you dear reader I'll say GO WITH HIGH EXPECTATIONS! It will not disappoint! And more importantly go with your heart - that is all you need for this 2.5 hours long film to become one of the best you've seen in years. It's just one of those movies with such heart-tugging moments and the highlight - the bond between Pawan (Salman) and Shahida (Harshali) - which is such a delight to see that you forget all about plot, logic, direction - not to say that the movie lacks that. The perfection in execution is definitely there, especially in the second-half. I watched it in the AVX theatre with at least 500 others and from the sound of it at least 75% of them regardless of age or gender were crying from the intermission onwards - sometimes because it was sad and other times because the screenplay was just so pure and unfiltered that it just made these happy tears bubble up inside of you. There is a certain level of comedy throughout and definitely some deep witty one-liners. My favourite was from Nawazuddin Sidduiqi (who played his role to perfection) who pointing at the current state of the media and their polarization of India and Pakistan proclaimed that "Hatred sells. Mohabbat doesn't." The movie has depth, a message, and the cuteness overload that is Harshali Malhotra. It also has a relationship and emotions so simple yet so extraordinary that they make a hero out of a common man. :)

Reviewed by amogh-744-112201 10 / 10 / 10

A Movie makes you Fall in Love with Pakistan and its Common People

I am not gonna write any story here . . . This movie has to be watched in the theaters only . . BB is so anti Salman Movie. it doesn't have over d top Action, Doesn't have catchy songs, whacky dance moves, solid punch lines from Salman and his usual craziness . . yet this movie is outstanding. Every bit about this movie is brilliant. The songs which I had not even heard b4 watching movie, felt so nice in it. Songs are perfectly place according to situation . have little scope for Action , But it is still better than most Salman Khan movies . as of Performances , I went to watch dis movie for salman Khan only . . but went out praising the performance of young Harshaali Malhotra . She is so cite, so expressive. her eyes n actions speak a lot in d movie. Navazuddin Siddiqui is as wonderful as usual . . he is d soul of the second half. kareena Kapoor have no scope which is understandable in a Salman han movie . but whatever role she have, she has given her 100 percent. and Now to the main Man. . The SALMAN KHAN .- this is his best performance off late . . his Pawan Chaturvedi is simply outstanding . finally , Yash Chopra made us fall in love wid Switzerland wid his movies . I hope Kabir Khan succeeds in doing d same with Pakistan . for many scenes in this movie, we forget that Pakistan is our No.1 enemy and start liking it . We start Liking Pakistan, Its people, Its beauty, its nature. .

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