Balu Mahi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abdullahgauhar 10 / 10 / 10


Movie with a strong message hidden inside it. Worth Watching it.

Reviewed by imranahmedsg 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent romantic comedy!

Balu Mahi is that Pakistani film which combines all the elements which a Pakistani audience desires, i.e. drama, romance, comedy and, importantly, a strong social message. Even the background music is good though they could do without the first Bollywood style number. It just didn't fit in with the rest of the movie. Balu Mahi is the story of a strong headed Pakistani woman (I didn't know there were any other types?!) coming to terms with conservative societal norms. To escape these familial and social restrictions Mahi runs away from home. Mahi's escape and her subsequent adventures lead to the romance between Balu - her hitherto unknown male accomplice. Her adventures also provide the drama and comedy interludes for the film. The two leads acted magnificently. A special mention must be made of Ainy Jaffri who played Mahi. The film is worth watching simply for its strong feminist undertones. Other than one dialogue, the feminism is sohisticated and crafted subtly into the film - making it all the more powerful. It is not 'in your face' feminism which may not appeal to many viewers. In summary, a great, light film. An easy way to while away 2.5 hours (though it really didn't feel that long). Balu Mahi is available on NETFLIX in most jurisdictions at the time of writing (July 2018).

Reviewed by Lily 10 / 10 / 10

Balu Mahi is a Sweet Romantic Comedy on par with brilliant Hollywood rom-coms

Never felt more proud of watching & reviewing a Pakistani movie than after watching Balu Mahi. A movie which portrays the correct image of Pakistan in its true sense. Previous Pakistani movies such as Waar,Khuda ke liye have mostly been about the fight against criminals & religious groups. Those movies are great in their own right. However, Balu Mahi is a movie which shows a different, positive & colourful side of Pakistan.It shows that Pakistanis are normal people with normal lives just like everyone else around the globe.It addresses the extremely important issue of women empowerment in a fun, quirky & entertaining manner.The entire cast including Osman Khalid butt, Ainy Jaffri, Sadaf Kanwal,Mohd. Jamal, Mustafa Ali khan. Sir Shafqat Cheema, & Miss Durdana Butt does complete justice to their respective roles. The Chemistry between the lead pair is Ethereal and deserves an encore. The Crew behind this movie has been phenomenal at their job. Haissam Hussain! Hats off! You are a genius. Simply put Balu Mahi is a Masterpiece! Must Watch! 10/10. One minor critic is that the script was not original.But highly entertaining so all is forgiven.

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