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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kakueke 8 / 10 / 10

For your eyes only

The Barbarian Queen is Queen Amethea (Lana Clarkson), whose village is burned by evil warriors on the day of her prospective wedding, after which most of the people are killed or enslaved. She leads a group of rebels in opposition, including some women (like herself) whose forms fit well into the clothing of the day, and eventually leads an uprising by freeing the slaves. Not for its cultural or intellectual value at all, this film is most noteworthy for the women winning the swordfights with men but not faring so well if they are captured and/or enslaved. Nudity and bondage and fondling yes, but I have to say the most memorable scene occurs when Queen Amethea uses a unique method of escape after she has been captured and tied up in the warrior camp and is being fondled by one of her captors. Clear cut--for those who like this stuff yes, otherwise not much to offer.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 8 / 10 / 10

If you quite like the idea of half-naked barbarian warrior girls then this might be the film for you

Barbarian Queen is one of the cycle of sword and sandal flicks that were popular in the mid 80's. Back then the formula seemed to incorporate lots of sword fights and lots of semi naked girls. This flick certainly adheres to this principle that's for sure, especially the bit about the naked girls. In fact I guess if you were inclined towards political correctness you could label Barbarian Queen as a film that is a little bit sexist. But I myself am quite partial to salacious genre movies and I lapped this one up quite a bit. The story really isn't too important but suffice to say it features a group of Amazonian type women on a quest to get vengeance on a tribe of incredibly misogynistic men who opened up the movie by raping and murdering their people. There's lots of sex and violence in this one. And for what it's worth, the breast count appeared to be astronomical as well. It's certainly a movie that delivers on its promise and that is certainly not a bad thing. Lana Clarkson plays the titular heroine with some gusto. She's pretty good in the action scenes as well as the nude ones. Of the latter there is a somewhat erotic scene where she is tied up in a torture chamber. Somewhat notably, she escapes from this seemingly doomed situation by defeating her jailer by way of a rather extreme application of the Cleopatra Grip (I'll let you look that one up!). You have to give a film marks for originality for the likes of this, that's for sure. Barbarian Queen has a story and action that is by-the-numbers really but it gains points for gratuitous excess. They don't really seem to make them like this anymore and that is a bit of a shame.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

An enjoyably trashy chunk of 80's sword and sorcery fantasy exploitation cheese

A horde of vile degenerate pervert marauders led by the evil Lord Arrakur (robustly overplayed with deliciously hammy aplomb by Arman Chapman) pillage a small peaceful village. They kill most of the guys and have their wicked nasty way with the ladies. Feisty warrior Queen Amethea (winningly essayed with delightful go-for-it spunky relish by the gorgeously voluptuous Lana Clarkson; Kaira in "Deathstalker") and several luscious female companions (who include future director Katt Shea Ruben of "Stripped to Kill" and "Dance of the Damned" fame) go to Arrakur's kingdom to free their people. They get caught instead, but manage to escape so they can get a group of rebels and Arrakur's gladiators to join forces to overthrow Arrakur's cruel reign of tyranny at the film's stirring conclusion. Directed with suitably lowbrow flair by Hector Olivera, this gleefully trashy low-budget sword and sorcery fantasy action exploitation romp certainly delivers the expected sleazy goods with a pleasing blend of energy and abundance: we're got plenty of priceless dopey dialogue (all-time favorite line: "You're much too beautiful a girl to let yourself be broken into food for the royal dogs"), a constant speedy pace, lots of gratuitously bared distaff skin on frequent display (cute'n'cuddly brunette hottie supreme Dawn Dunlap in particular looks absolutely yummy as Amethea's sweet innocent younger sister Taramis), several exciting gory sword fights, a rousing score by James Horner and Chris Young, and a memorably disgusting bespectacled nerd torturer who uses a metal claw to paw one of Amethea's breasts. Good junky fun.

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