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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 7 / 10 / 10

What the world needs now is more Zachary Kane!

Drive-in genius! In this gem, Zachary Kane (Viharo) is the strong, silent type who is also a scrappy, street-smart bounty hunter. He always gets his man. But he faces the ultimate challenge when a crazed, hissing, sadistic serial killer begins abducting and killing women on his home L.A. turf. So Kane teams up with Black (Daniels) to find the culprit, searching through the seedy sides of the city, but finding ample time to seduce the ladies, mainly Jennifer (Jackson). What is the secret of spoiled rich brat Richard Devlin (Heit), and his sidekick/sparring partner Kido (Jace)? Will Kane be able to put 2 and 2 together before it's too late? Bare Knuckles is so great for so many different reasons. They truly don't make 'em like this anymore and the movie industry should be ashamed. It is loaded with 70's atmosphere, from the disco-like soundtrack to the fact that 90% of the men in the movie have a mustache. It defines the pre-political correctness era, with an awesome hero who smokes, drinks and does whatever the hell he wants. Top-notch grittiness ensues on a technical level and it all has a low-budget guerilla feel to it that works perfectly. Sure, there are some imperfections that naturally come from underground filmmaking, but they are more than made up for by all the movie's strengths. Namely, the street-level, 70's feel and the character of Zachary Kane. There were no sequels or TV series spinoffs for the Kanester, but we should have seen more of him in some way. Robert Viharo as Kane is brilliant. The taciturn, David-Heavener-like style, the fact that he is a man on a mission that knows what he wants, he is a boxer (great training sequence) and he even plays the flute! He's so smooth he even picks up the main love interest Jennifer while chowing down on some Pizza Hut in the parking lot. Needless to say, we loved Kane. Director/writer Don Edmonds, known primarily for the two official Ilsa movies, here was in a state of grace and he should be more known for Bare Knuckles than he currently is. Although there are some people in the know. Not surprisingly, Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan and has memorized verbatim dialogue from various Edmonds movies. For a fun ride through the 1970's with a film with its heart in exactly the right place, we strongly recommend Bare Knuckles. For more insanity, please visit:

Reviewed by funkyfry 8 / 10 / 10

very entertaining action/exploitation film

First of all, special thanks to Will Viharo, son of the star of the movie, for showing this on the big screen so we can all appreciate it (I saw the trailer years ago and I've always been curious about it), and thanks to Quentin Tarantino for loaning Will the nice print as well. After the movie Will brought his dad up on stage for a big hug, and it was great to see Robert Viharo still looking very fit and tough in the 21st Century. I was actually pretty surprised by the technical quality of this film, since I haven't really heard anything particularly great about the director, Don Edmonds (who's most well known for directing "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS"). This isn't one of those "grindhouse" or exploitation film that was just slapped together without any care or style. The action scenes are pretty decently staged and there are some great stunts, like the chase scene with car and motorbike and the scenes with Viharo hanging off a bridge in L.A. By the way I think I recognized the thin wooden bridge that Michael Heit, the villain of the film, rides his bike across from the Alan Ladd film "This Gun for Hire." I quite liked the performances of Viharo and Sherry Jackson. There's a really amusing and interesting scene towards the beginning where he seduces her with his special intense way of eating pizza. Viharo is an unusually scruffy hero, especially at the very beginning before he gets the girlfriend. He also has a black partner, played by John Daniels (whom I've enjoyed in "Candy Tangerine Man" and "Black Shampoo") who's simply named "Black." Way to be direct. I was surprised we didn't see more of Gloria Hendry. She showed in "Black Belt Jones" that she can hang in a fistfight along with the big boys. Michael Heit is a kind of unfortunate villain though, and his assistant Kido (Jace) even moreso. He's a bit too animated, his performance comes off as pretty showy. But if that was meant as a contrast to Viharo's steady cool then I guess it was reasonably successful. A decent action movie about bounty hunters with some notable "blaxploitation" elements thrown in, recommended to fans of low budget film.

Reviewed by blurnieghey 8 / 10 / 10

Great low budget action flick

From what I can tell, this movie is totally out of print, which is a shame because it is quite good for what it is. Zach Kane is a tough guy who covers all the bases: he can box, smokes unfiltered cigarettes, drinks, you can bust his ribs, stab him, repeatedly, beat the hell out of him and he still comes back for more. However, he also has a nice pad, is a lady's man, and plays the flute, so he's not only a caveman, but a caveman with sophistication and class. Aside from the larger than life character the movie attempts to foist on the audience, it's a pretty gnarly action flick in a way they simply don't seem to know how to do anymore. No CGI, just raw poundings, bloodshed, and explosions, the way it ought to be. If you are lucky enough to run across a copy, buy it.

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