Basket Case


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 2 / 10 / 10


We are back to the grimy New York of the early 1980s. Times Square is sleazy with sex shops, low rent hotels and seedy cinemas. Somewhere running around in the city is The Exterminator, Ms 45 and Charles Bronson with a death wish. Duane Bradley arrives in New York with plenty of cash and a locked basket. He checks into a cheap hotel and inside the basket is his deformed and horrid Siamese twin brother, Belial separated forcefully by some doctors under their father's order when they were young. Both brothers have a telepathic link and Duane knows that Belial is also insanely jealous which he discovers when he strikes up a friendship with a nurse. Belial resents being cut off from his normal looking brother and seeks revenge against the doctors responsible by killing them horribly. He even split his own father in two. Basket Case is regarded as a low budget camp classic horror. It has laughably bad effects with cheap stop motion and the acting is atrocious. I would like to call it wooden but I have no desire to insult forests. The director adds gore to keep the horror fans happy and also there is plenty of screaming which eventually gets to be irritating. In fact once you realise there is a death coming, you gather that the screaming is just padding to extend the length of the movie. I liked the comical hotel manager trying to keep order in his dive but having endured this film you kind of wonder why it is held in such a high regard. It fails as a horror film because its not scary.

Reviewed by EdYerkeRobins 5 / 10 / 10

Odd, But Good B-Horror

It's rare to see a horror film that is actually "good", featuring an original premise and decent acting/plot. Some films should have been "classics" because they feature both, but are mocked years later for their horrible special effects (think about it - most "classic horror films" feature human or human-like villains e.g. slasher flicks and "Rosemary's Baby"). Well, Basket Case is no exception. The premise is one of the most original, then and probably still now. Duane carries his brother Belial around in a basket, and the two are trying to find and murder the doctors who separated them. It reminds one of "Freaks", with the deformed Belial and his brother Duane as anti-heros of sorts, getting revenge on the "normal" people that treated them so cruelly. A flashback to Duane's and Belial's separation and events in the film actually made me feel sorry for both (Duane because Belial won't let him have any time or romance for himself, and Belial because everyone is deathly afraid of him but his brother). For a low budget '80s flick, Belial actually looks really good for the most part; though the first few deaths in the movie where he remains invisible are still more effective. When Belial jumps at some people it looks sort of funny, but when he is stationary (must've been a better puppet), he looks either frightened or damned frightening. Belial also makes some thankfully short appearances as a decent stop-motion animation. It should also be noted that the lower quality grainy film stock does add to the seediness of the film and its bad-side-of-New York setting to give it a more creepy and realistic quality. There's a fairly high amount of gore, and the events leading up to the ending are eerie and shocking (it should be noted that, though it has some weak comedic aspects, this film isn't the intended horror/comedy its sequels are). Some of the acting isn't the greatest, but that's to be expected. After all, this is a horror film, and after all, it's low budget. Knowing that just makes this film seem all the more classic.

Reviewed by Julian R. White 5 / 10 / 10


Been a while since I saw this one, but man, Belial's fits of rage and...well, simply dismay and throwing of tantrums, will forever be scared into my memory. Kinda a neat idea for a movie, guy's conjoined twin who, by medical standards really should not even be able to survive in his state, is alive and well, able to speak telepathically to his seemingly normal, yet mentally unstable brother? The movie has some pretty comedic parts, and it moves at a decent pace, not dragging on like many other movies of its time. It's something the squeamish shouldn't watch though, definitely, it sure can be gross at times too.

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