Batman & Robin


Action / Sci-Fi

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April 16, 2019


George Clooney as Augustine
Uma Thurman as Diana
Vivica A. Fox as Zoe Marsden
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marieltrokan 10 / 10 / 10

Freedom is when anything in reality is allowed to experience contrast

Giving life to all is not giving no life to none To none is not to Not to is from Not giving is possession No life is non-behaviour Possession non-behaviour from Non-behaviour from is from non-behaviour Possession from non-behaviour is non-possession to behaviour Non-possession to behaviour is behaviour to non-possession Behaviour to non-possession is non-behaviour to possession Non-behaviour to possession is non-behaviour to behaviour Non-behaviour to behaviour is non-behaviour direct behaviour Non-behaviour direct behaviour is non-behaviour not direct Non-behaviour not direct is direct not non-behaviour Direct not non-behaviour is direct behaviour Direct behaviour is control behaviour Control behaviour is behaviour control Behaviour control is style control Style control is divide between style and control Control is restriction Divide between style and restriction is no divide not between no style not and freedom No divide is oneness Not between is between not Between not is external nothing No style is no judgement Not and is and and Oneness external nothing no judgement and and freedom External nothing is internal Internal is self No judgement and is and no judgement Oneness is no anti No anti is self Self self and no judgement and freedom And no judgement is judgement And freedom is judgement Self self judgement judgement Judgement judgement is freedom Self self freedom Free self self Free no anti no anti Free anti Freedom of contrast Freedom is when anything in reality is allowed to experience contrast

Reviewed by cyrillgasser 7 / 10 / 10

Horrible movie

This movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen was everyone in it horrible I would say no. But to be honest the only person I like in this film maybe a little bit was George Clooney but all and all this movie is horrible I only like George Clooney but this movie was so awful.

Reviewed by nadinesalakovv 7 / 10 / 10

A cringe-worthy yet entertaining motion picture!

It's obvious that Batman & Robin has 80% cringe-worthy dialogue and a setting that looks like an overfull toy-store, but this flick has an element of entertainment. The fact that people are still watching and reviewing this cine to this day is proof that the majority of people still like to watch this movie. George Clooney looks awkward at times in his Batman suit, but he tried his best, Uma Thurman plays an Eco-terrorist named Poison Ivy, she looks more comfortable in her attire, but her dialogue is also embarrassing most of the time (blame the writers) this film features some decent actors, but with the corny dialogue no one would be able to pull off those lines. Poison Ivy's reason for trying to destroy everything is to save the planet regardless of every human on the planet dying, it's illogical and pointless, she still gives a good performance in this film, there is an element of danger to her, example when the short lady in the glasses mocks her about the planet already being protected from plants and animals, you can't tell whether Poison Ivy will snap her neck at that moment or just let it slide, this is a good element for a bad guy character, they have to seem unpredictable, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Mr Freeze is a joke, but at the same time he manages to pull off his lines better than the others. Batman & Robin is by far the lightest movie out of the film series, it's not that comedic, it is just lighter with the scenery and the lines. There is tons of action and some parts of the film score is very good. Batman & Robin is not as good as Batman Forever, but i would rather watch this flick rather than the other ones, the others are way too dark and boring.

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