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Bob Gunton as Dr. Alexander McCabe
Dina Meyer as Liz Madison
Leon as Jimmy Sands
Lou Diamond Phillips as Sheriff Emmett Kimsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Nice chiller starred by flying foxes , fast-paced , and well directed by Morneau

Absolutely surprising carnivorous bats tale , derived from abysmal story . The film starts in Skull Valley , Arizona, where the scientific Casper (Dina Meyer) and his assistant Jimmy (Leon) are investigating about bats . They're brought by a government scientist (Bob Gunton) to a small town called Callup , in Texas . There appears a pack of carnivorous bats that prey on citizens , terrorizing the small community . The chiroptera specialist Casper , his helper , along with a policeman (Lou Diamond Phillips) attempt to stop the genetically altered flying foxes before the military comes into action , bombing the caves. This is a slam-bang chiller about flying foxes , full of scares and lots of blood and gore . It delivers the goods with suspense , tension and hair-raising chills ; plus , the astonishing special effects of this nature , as the ferocious bats seem alive . It's an eerily effective thriller , quite entertaining , though many will undoubtedly find repulsive when the bats attack and eat their victims . The tale can't bear such close scrutiny , but while this thrills ride is going, you won't mind . With a final budget of 5.25 million, the film went on to gross well over 30 million worldwide in theatrical , DVD , Digital and Television sales . Although considered somewhat unsuccessful at the time, the film recouped its entire budget during its first week of release . The vampire bats are splendidly made by means of Animatronics in charge of Robert Zurtzman , Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger . The bats in the film were a combination of Animatronics, CGI , and 2 live bats. The 2 original bats in the film were brought over from Indonesia . The acting is uneven , an attractive Dina Meyer , Lou Diamond Phillips as the patrolman who along with the scientific facing off the creepy bats and killing them in their caves . Bob Gunton is an oddball baddie acting as a mad doctor and the comic relief in charge of Leon . Interesting screenplay by John Logan , today writer for blockbusters (Aviator , Last Samurai , Star Trek : nemesis , Time machine) . Produced in just under 6 months , the picture continues to hold one of the top spots for fastest produced 35mm feature films to receive a wide-release . The motion picture was well directed by Louis Morneau , in his best movie . He's a B series director, with no much success (Hitcher 2 , Retroactive , Quake , Soldier Boyz , Carnosaur 2). With similar premise , ten years earlier (79) was shot the movie titled ¨Nightwing¨¨ directed by Arthur Hiller with Nick Mancuso , David Warner and Kathryn Harrold , but it was a flop, this one is a superior film .

Reviewed by turtleandnoise 10 / 10 / 10

I'm shocked how low this movie is rated, it's FUN

This is a fun, fun film that's worth having fun with it despite many of the reviews to the contrary. I enjoyed the cheesy aspect of this film, it's almsot classic watching Lou Diamond Philips shoot bats. It's in the vein of They Live and movies of fun campy nature. Don't let the low rating fool you. See it, enjoy it.

Reviewed by Movie Nuttball 10 / 10 / 10


I really like this film Bats! Lou Diamond Phillips, Dina Meyer, Bob Gunton, and Leon stars in this picture. The movie in My opinion has non-stop Bat action! The actors especially Phillips and Meyer have very good performances. I like the way the movie is filmed. Everything is bright and I think that the camera work is awesome! The Bats are really neat and scary looking little creatures. I love the effects when they fly every where and across the moon! The music by Graeme Revell is very good. Everything else is very good in this movie. I don't know why it is currently on the IMDb bottom 100: #84. I have no clue. The film in My opinion has just about everything and the killer Bats are great! I recommend everyone who loves monster films to ignore the bad rating and comments and watch Bats today because its great film and I strongly recommend it!

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