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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adcznr 6 / 10 / 10

A competent propagandist flick

While it's very well shot, acted, propped and all, the black-and-white one-sidedness of this movie leaves no illusions - it's just a piece of propaganda. Patriotic, god-fearing feminists? Well, it's more subtle than the soviet era, more historically accurate but still - it leaves no space for moral ambiguities, shades of gray or doubt - they're heroines and don't you dare deny it! And if you disagree, try to find one good (or decent, or at least humanely portrayed) German in the movie from around a hundred depicted. It's perfectly worth watching, but the only review so far completely missed the point. It's a modern way of manufacturing social cohesion at home, and sympathetic opinions abroad, on par with Hollywood.

Reviewed by t-dooley-69-386916 10 / 10 / 10

Cracking Film based on the women who fought for their Motherland

In 1917 Russia was at war – with Germany and itself. The troops at the front were war weary and being run by 'Soldiers Committees', the Tsar had been removed and the Provisional Government were fighting a losing battle for the hearts and minds of the people and the soldiers. So Minister of War, Alexander Kerensky, was charged with raising an all female combat unit. The first one was the '1st Russian Women's Battalion of Death' and it was raised and led by a feisty soldier who had already been decorated – fighting alongside men – this was Maria Bochareva. She ruled with an iron fist and this is her story as told through the women who fought with her. They were one of only two units that were sent to combat and this film portrays what they did, the obstacles they had to overcome and the men they went to help. Now history purists may take exception at some of the events here but the Kerensky Offensive (which they were in) is actually done fairly well. The acting is all rather good and the materiel seemed fine too. I have seen one review which called it 'modernist propaganda' but this is 'based' on facts. A full film on the real life of Maria Bochareva would have been a great idea too from the little I have read of her. The film portrays most of the women as being heroines though and she is not set at centre stage. This though is still a film very much worth the effort and as such I am happy to recommend.

Reviewed by argento100 10 / 10 / 10

Realistic, heartbreaking, accurate, perfect in all senses.

This is an actual true history with an awesome performance from the actor, a very realistic depiction of the situation of that time Russia. Image, FX, acting, historic accuracy, scenarios, guns, uniforms, all to the perfect reproduction. The story is amazing and it will make you care about the people on it, you will really suffer with their death in the horror of the trench and open field charges of WWI. You will follow the formation of a female battalion in the awakening of the soviet revolution. Created to encourage the Russian men in the front who were refusing to fight after years of dying and fail to push the Germans back, in a war they didn't care for a ruthless dictator that was the zar. The women were there for idealism or revenge for the loss of their loved ones. They went, and fought proving themselves truly warriors inspiring other women to fight for their land and people, not the rulers. With this scenario, you will find that with all the reason the men had to not fight, here, they look like a bunch of cowards and more girls than the girls of the story. Piece of art, a truly one. The kind of war movies i like. Recommended, not a second of waste.

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