Battle of the Bulge: Winter War



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Billy Zane as Jo Dee Fostar
Tom Berenger as Herbert Sloan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hankelda 1 / 10 / 10

Movie Credibility

The basic background for the movie was sound, using the Second Infantry Division near Elsenborn Ridge, was good. My father was a company commander in the Battle of the Bulge, in the Second Infantry Division. HOWEVER, everything else about the movie was horrible. First, why use a 70 year old man actor as a Major in the military. The oldest age for a Major would be 35-40 years old. What was this Major's role? It appeared he was making decisions that persons much higher rank would be making. Also, his helmet had Lieutenant Colonel insignia, while his collar had Major rank. Then, during the movie, you had a German impersonator with Second Lieutenant rank (gold bar on helmet) giving orders to a First Lieutenant (Silver Bar on helmet). Come on Director, get your ranks straight! Then out of the blue, you have this Major talking on first name basis to a Lieutenant General (three star general) as if they're buddies or something. BTW, The highest ranking person in the Second Infantry Division is a two star general. AND, Major's don't make strategic decisions on the battlefield! They are usually Operations Officers at the battalion level (500 personnel). If he was portraying a staff officer, then a Major would be the deputy G2 for the division. Ironically, I held that position as the deputy G2 for the Second Infantry Division. So you see this is personal. What the hell was this three star doing wandering around talking to Majors in the Second Infantry Division? Please have someone who was in the military work as an advisor when you make war movies!!! YOU LOOK RIDICULES!

Reviewed by garthur-96202 8 / 10 / 10

Waste of My Time and Money

The acting was surprisingly bad with unrealistic dialogues and little body language. There was a lack of continuity of dates, ranks, and signage. It seems the producer was too cheap to hire technical advisors. The film abruptly stops before what should have been the climax of the plot. I wasted $5.99 on this pay-per-view.

Reviewed by ryguybrown-39136 8 / 10 / 10

They did great with what they had

With the low budget they had this movie was actually pretty good! If you say this movie was terrible it's your own fault for expecting to see some sort of Broadway million dollar extravaganza. And honestly I think their acting was really good. I especially loved the scene when that Rudy guy did the little cut throat thingy to the German.

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