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Chiaki Kuriyama as Cassandra
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Takeshi Kitano as Machisu Kuramochi
Tatsuya Fujiwara as Light Yagami
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aziz_essa 3 / 10 / 10

How could you rate this movie with 10 stars??

This movie is absolutely overrated. It's kind of comedy movie I would say. In the most of the violence scenes I have had to laugh a lot. Some of people here would say, if you don't understand Japanese culture you will not understand this movie... this is my second Japanese movie I have ever watched. This movie if I could call it a movie is absolutely crap and timewasting. Very bad acting. it doesn't deserve more than 3 stars.. and 3 stars only for the idea of this film.

Reviewed by AnewId48 3 / 10 / 10

Wouldn't say it's a 7-8.

I watched this because someone had mentioned Hunger Games not being original (and nothing is really) and it peaked my interest as I was curious. I went into this thinking it must be good if someone made the connection, but note I still knew it was IT'S OWN THING. So none of this has anything to do with H.G. it's just how I found the movie. Just to start, I saw this was a book and surely the book is better than the movie because surely the movie was like this because of the typical book to movie problem of not enough time to tell the story. The plot is alright, though they didn't go too much into it. Kids are little turds, adults don't like it, let's have them kill each other; in laymen's terms. It started off strong and while overall it was a decent movie I wouldn't recommend spending 2 hours on watching it. It ends pretty much how you think it will, the people you think will win do, and the fights you think will happen do. It's predictable but most movies are. My main problem with the movie is there are just too many characters. I get it's an entire class, but they try to fit too many back stories in. I get that some of them are problems in Japan, but trying to make me feel bad that someone is dying because he never told his crush how he felt? When I did start to feel bad for a character and genuinely felt bad for them, the scene is ruined by the worst death acting I've seen. More than twice, maybe even more than thrice, they'll have a touching moment and then just let their head fall. I got a good laugh each time. I get your head will fall but some of it is unnecessary and out of place. Some of the way people acted out dying was so ridiculous and I couldn't help but laugh. Even in the touching ones, I'd feel and then they'd do the absurd head drop, even if it's not needed (one girl had her head resting on a guy's shoulder but made a point to throw her head forward to emphasize her dying). Aside from the absurd death scenes, they have no respect for realism. SO many characters take at least a dozen if not more machine gun shots and still get back up like they just got punched instead. They'll have two dozen rounds in them but stand back up to try and run or make some plea and it just got to the point where I couldn't take any of it seriously. The blood and effects don't bother me. They're used (mostly) properly and make sense, people are dying of course there's blood. Overall, I couldn't take it too seriously. It's a good movie for some laughs. It's an okay movie otherwise. TLDR, bad acting, too many characters, funny death scenes, okay but predictable. Spoils Also the only time someone reloads is the 'bad' guy and it's after you've wondered for the 5th time if he'll run out of bullets. Is he really the only one to get extra ammo? There's only one other uzi we see and I get they'd maybe give him a lot of ammo but if they're going to give a bunch of kids pistols to kill each other, I'm sure they'd give them ammo. So many people but that dude (except the one time because plot convenience) ran out of ammo. I get it'd get boring but if you're going to have them reload at all give some other people a chance. Not really a spoiler but I guess somewhat. At the end in the streets there are flags with the tele-tubbies on them. Just something amusing.

Reviewed by mkivtt 3 / 10 / 10

Unbelievably bad. 7.7 rating? Wow... fanboy fail.

You know, lately I've been so fed up with movies. Everything I watch is seemingly a total piece of garbage. Nowadays when I watch something, I scan through probably 50 titles, and check the ratings for each to try and filter out the crap. So last night I settled on this. With a 7.7 rating, it can't be bad, right? Wrong. It's boring, it's stupid, the effects are a joke, and the little action there was gives way to a toe-curling melodramatic yawn-fest after an hour. The story's absolutely pathetic. Why would they go out of their way to dump these kids on an island? Why is their old school teacher in charge of the army (what do they do for other classes in other years, do they find their old school teachers too?) Someone's yelling from a mountain top half a mile away, and everyone can hear them? That same person on the mountain top can spot two people hiding in a forest based on a single gunshot? I don't know who voted this so high, but I'm guessing they are fanboys of everything produced in Japan. There's no rational explanation this piece of crud deserves anything over a four out of ten.

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