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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by viclauyyc 10 / 10 / 10

Speechlessly touching

This movie is amazingly touching. I do have some expectation before I watch the movie. When I finished it, it is clear that, this movie is way better than I expected. The casting is excellent. Every character live in the world of the story. The actors are not acting in the movie. They live in it. The actor who play the role of the son , Yuji, is especially good. Some scenes with him are actually heartbreakingly good. The movie might be a little slow for some audients. But I find it helps to build up the mood and draw the whole picture in detail. If you had read the plot of the movie, you might say, "yeah, good old story. I can tell how it ends". But I had to say, not till the last minute, you would not know the whole story. The director and the playwright do an excellence job. Every detail had been take care of. The ending echoes the beginning. And the plot is as smooth as silk. This movie is not about only about the love between two people. It is also love of family and one's will to face the fate. It may not be a masterpiece like Godfather. But I am sure this is one of the best Japanese movies I had seen in years, and I seen a lot. All in all, this is a heartwarming movie. It did not resolve the problem but it shows hope for tomorrow. If you ask me if I like this movie. Sure I am. If not I will not spend times to write all this.

Reviewed by ngchiho 10 / 10 / 10

This six weeks miracle

I have seen this movie in cinema twice already, a thing I rarely do as most movie could be available in DVD very soon. But after I learned that the DVD only be available after 24/6 in Japan, I have no choice but to go see it again as the urge inside me is so strong. Every time when I think about the movie, I almost shed tears every time when I reasoning what a decision Mio had been made. It is such moving that I wish it will be happened in real life. The second view was still amazing, despite that fact that I know the plot already. There are still a lot of subtle things which are hard to notice during the initial view but reveal to me now. Every single dialog of Mio talk to Takumi and Yuji during the latter half revealed a deeper meaning to me after I understand the rationale behind. But I wont give out the plot of Mio as I felt it is a shame or guilt to do so, people should watch it themselves, feel touched and moved and being heartwarmingly satisfied when the end credit rolls. Only thing I can reveal is that I have paid special attention of what Mio wear during her first appear…… I immediately search all the stores after first view and bought the sound track and the CD that contained "Hana" sung by the band Orange Range. I have watch the MV of Hana too that song is amazing and that the lyric meaning is so touching that I nearly cry when I watch the MV alone. I recommend all who happen can come across with this movie to view it. It is not a movie to be missed. However the initial DVD produced in Japan have no other subtitle other than Japanese, which is bad as I want to sent a copy to my American friend. This film is indeed a miracle and should be seen by as many people as possible, not just Asian.

Reviewed by 2126kc 10 / 10 / 10

Raining Season Has Never Been This Beautiful!!!

This has to the most romantic and beautiful movie that i have ever seemed. On my round trip flights (19 hours each way) which i can say that i'm totally exhausted and nothing would matter if i can get to my destination now. Though exhausted, i still managed to watch this movie 4 times (It's a 2 hr movie and i don't even want it to end) and wished that the flight would be longer for me to view a 5th time. Without giving much to the story, i must say that for a guy who's has never shed a tear (except those beatings during the young and playful), this has to be the one. I woke up thinking of this movie, working thinking of this movie and wonder if i will see anything come close to this. I think not and wish not. The performance by Takeuchi Yuko, Nakamura Shido and Takei Akashi are totally awesome and wonderful. The entire crew did a superb job here and hats off to the director. The theme song "Hana" - Orange Range and the music are just so heart warming, so touching and so amazing. Don't go read up reviews with spoilers. It makes an even sweeter experience. Watch it and it's worth your time. Spread the words!!!

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