Beauty and the Dogs


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ahmedifaoui-02211 7 / 10 / 10

As a Tunisian citizen, Am proud and afraid to admit this is astonishingly realistic.

First, I gotta say this is my first review ever. Second, I heard a lot about this movie, that recently it was nominated to represent Tunisia in Oscar's pre-selection nominees.. So, I kinda expected too much, but I also expected some kind of disappointment (My country's filmmaking industry is so bad.. Like really really bad). I was surprised though. The directing made a huge difference, focusing on little details that are extremely important yet usually ignored. (Like That scene when they were heading back after the legal physical check). The acting also, especially by Youssef and the majority of the cops, was surprisingly remarkable. Another remarkable point, how the director wass successful in: 1 Bringing clear the circumstances of the rape case without showing the scene. 2 Not using a violent language, something others would think necessary regarding the context of the movie. These two points are considered "a big deal" in such a religious country. Third, despite all the appreciation for Mariem's acting, I don't think she did a great job, because playing as a leading role, you got to do much more, especially the non-verbal acting, she kinda made some awkward scenes. In total, I was satisfied, I highly recommend it if you're not Tunisian.

Reviewed by westsideschl 7 / 10 / 10


This film had broad international production support including several European countries. Filmed and storied out of Tunisia it's message has broad application to all countries where power and authority bullies & threatens individual rights even so far as terrorizing their citizens. We have institutionalized political & religious brutality in this film as a female college student attending a school party encounters the police. Her quest for justice is hampered by being a liberal female in a conservative country. Kafkaesque, but is there still hope? Despite the verbal/physical battering by police her resoluteness grows, but again perhaps too late. Intelligently written & directed, but it's the acting (often non-verbal) by Mariam Al Ferjan that engages & captures your attention, and worthy of an award.

Reviewed by llVIU 7 / 10 / 10

good ''horror'' film, realistic, about woman being abused

I saw most of it on TV. It's about the struggles of a woman who was abused one night and tries to get justice, but shows how corrupt the system is. And how frightening it is, especially in a poor 3rd world country. It lacks the feminist propaganda nonsense, and it's quite realistic in my opinion. Definitely a must watch for young girls who don't value their own safety and go alone during the night, thinking that nothing can happen to them. And there's TONS of such girls. I hope I didn't give out too much spoiler/information about the movie American horror movies are 1/10 crap compared to this. They're worthless.

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