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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by purplepopcorn-21731 1 / 10 / 10


As I know a lot of Christians think because AR White is in it that it's going to be ok for their family and kids and it's NOT!!! I would NOT recommend for kids or anyone!!! This is one of the WORST movies I have ever seen!!!! It was HORRIBLE he was supposed to be showing how having God in your life changes you and instead he goes right back to killing people left and right... HORRIBLY I might add... it's detailed like crazy with the killing... you even see him shot a man and the built goes through the mans back

Reviewed by ccosgrave-79087 8 / 10 / 10

I thought this was a comedy

After reading the storyline I thought, this HAS to be a comedy. Ex hit man turned preacher has his daughter kidnapped. The moral dilemma he must face. I am an ex hit man, I must kill these people and rescue my daughter but wait I am now a preacher, what ever shall I do !!! Should I pray for her return ? Should I turn my bible into ninja stars and smite these unholy heathens !!! Unfortunately this is not a comedy, how ever you might get a laugh out of it.

Reviewed by oceanrisingproductions 8 / 10 / 10

I enjoyed this movie!

As a faith-based film, taking into account that this had a limited budget and dips into themes involving Christianity, I thought the film was good. Actors David White, William Baldwin, and Jeff Halley delivered great performances. The actions scenes were very good.. but you will notice that all the action scenes take place in a home, warehouse, etc. and you never once see a car chase with vehicles being damaged, shot at, colliding with one another, etc. which leads into realizing the filmmakers had a limited budget for the film. I am a Christian, I used to be a filmmaker, and I feel at times we try so hard to push the gospel message into these movies without realizing who are target audience is. (Example: We want to speak the language of the culture to reach the unsaved, but we constantly create a product that only speaks to members of the local church) Well.... Why bother saying you're trying to reach the unsaved if your only audience is Christians? With "Beckman" I feel this is a good example on how you can make a faith-based film that appeals to non-Christians without coming across as too preachy. So because of that, I enjoyed this film. My issues are that, and hopefully I'm wrong, but I feel "Beckman" will only be remembered as a rip off of 'John Wick,' and 'Taken.' If you're looking for originality, you won't find it here, which is sad because there was a lot of opportunity for this to be original and not just a copycat of other action thrillers. Because of this, some viewers may watch 30 minutes of it, then try to find something else to watch or say, "y'know, i'd rather watch John Wick 3 rather than this." But if you're like me, you're proud of your Christian faith, and you love action thrillers, give this film a shot.

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