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Jason Patric as August King
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Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 6 / 10 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Becoming

"You're in danger". I believe I believe! That's the gut reaction I got from watching 2020's sullen and downtrodden, Becoming. Now is it the greatest motion picture in the world? Uh, not even close. Do you feel unsafe or unhappy while watching it? Uh yes but that doesn't make it totally recommendable. Finally, is it a low budget crux for any horror fanatic bent on having a fun beer and pizza movie night? Sort of. Anyway, Becoming contains a kooky, Dennis Hopper-like Jason Patric, a sexy and charismatic Penelope Mitchell, a creep-o persona in Jeff Daniel Phillips, and a transforming Brit in Toby Kebbell. The film is about an Everyman who slowly gets possessed by an evil entity while going on a never-ending road trip with his young fiance. Tension-building, ludicrous, containing bad country soundtrack songs, featuring the cops showing up at the very end (what a cliche), and shot in just one city (even though it's a cross-country affair), Becoming just goes off the rails despite a loose running time of 98 minutes. Just think of Kubrick's The Shining but with multiple, cheap hotels instead of just one big one (that would be the infamous Overlook in snowy Colorado). Directed by a guy who hails from the capital of Jordan (Omar Naim), containing a rote flashback or two, and featuring a rather disturbing, opening scene, Becoming is a flick that suffers from severe, demon mumbo jumbo. It's mostly build-up and that build-up works for roughly the first hour. After that, Becoming just "becomes" a little tiring in its fallen angel approach. The tension builds inch by inch but you just lose interest in the characters. You finally run out of steam as a stay-at-home viewer (no true, theatrical release on Becoming at this time). Rating: 2 and a half stars.

Reviewed by bearville / 10

Keeps you entertained and guessing!

Becoming is a taut psychological thriller from Omar Naim, mixing Hitchcock with Wes Craven. It features a star turn by Toby Kebbel as Alex, a man on a road trip with his fiance Lisa, played by Penelope Mitchell. After a strange stop at a distant relative's house, Alex begins to become distant, angry and violent, leaving Lisa to discover the shocking truth about what he's become. The movie also features a great turn by Jason Patric as a too crazy to believe conspiracy theorist that may hold the key to what's happened to Alex. Smartly written and directed by Naim, the movie crackles with energy, leaving you guessing until the final frame. The movie sets up a tantalizing mythology that I hope gets explored in future projects! Recommended for fans of Blumhouse and M. Night Shamalan.

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