Before the Fire


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaeljtrubic 3 / 10 / 10

un-enjoyable nonsense - not a single likable character

You must have at least one likable character going from scene to scene doing reasonably intelligent things as previous reviewers have said - its not sci fi I wasted almost an hour hoping it would improve but it didn't I hope the film makers can learn that the audience needs to follow a character that behaves in a manner that we can support. To say there are gaps in the plot is an understatement.

Reviewed by godsnames 3 / 10 / 10

Just another shaky camera - 5 years olds' home video - bull

In one word: unwatchable. That sums it up. Whoever invented this cinematic malfunction of filming made an obvious mistake. Humans don't see like that. What startles me most is that so called 'directors' see it as a legit depicting of reality. Really? Do you shake your head constantly like a mad monkey while looking at the world? No. The inner ear is composed of two parts: the cochlea for hearing and the vestibular system for balance. That's why you see the picture your eyes see 'static': the world moves, not you. And even if you move, your inner ear always makes adjustments so that your eyesight can be stabile, allowing you to move safely through our very reality. Yet this artistic nonsense, I call it 'home video ', keeps popping up for decades now. Why, really, that's beyond me. It is unwatchable, makes you dizzy and you want to abandon it as soon as you can, unless it is your five years old daughter who is running around in the garden on her birthday. I think (not sure though) The Blair Witch Project liable for this, and all the 'found footage' movies that followed. Footnote: I stopped following Blindspot, a really good television series, when they switched to this shaky nonsense.

Reviewed by bud_bundy44 3 / 10 / 10

Life is stranger than fiction

This movie was released just as the pandemic was starting back in March and yesterday was released on VOD. Also yesterday the rating was around 5,now it's at 3.9 and dropping so that is an indication of the quality of this film. This is not a suggestion to watch but rather to avoid. Not exactly Post Apocalyptic,more end of the world scenario,with poor acting, bad or nonexistent story. What's worse is that we now know what it's like when a global pandemic hits and how people,governments, WHO etc react. We have that experience now and as life is always stranger than fiction this zero effort scenario is not convincing.

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