Before You Say 'I Do'


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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David Sutcliffe as George Murray
Jennifer Westfeldt as Jane Gardner
Lauren Holly as Deidre Kelley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inkblot11 7 / 10 / 10

I say "do", do get this nice film, romcom lovers!

George (David Sutcliffe) is very much in love with his beautiful girlfriend, Jane (Jennifer Westfeldt). During a night of holding hands by the fire and munching on fondue, George whips out a gorgeous diamond for Jane's left hand. But, although Jane initially says yes, much to the delight of her co-worker, Mary (Lauren Holly), the small newspaper editor gets chilly feet. That's because she was once married to a dirtbag (Jeff Roop) who cheated on her repeatedly, even on the night of the rehearsal dinner. So, Jane, weeping, tells George the wedding is off. Very distraught, advertising executive George, who has a habit of wishing and driving through "yellow" traffic lights, makes a big new request. IF ONLY he could go back ten years before, to prevent Jane from marrying the first time. Unhappily, he's not watching his driving and gets in a crash, bumping his head. All of a sudden, he IS back in time, with a chance to lure Jane away from her intended cad. But, since the wedding is only a few days away, will George be successful? This is a very fine film for romcom fans. The two stars are quite nice and attractive, as is the supporting cast, and the plot has a satisfying mixture of humor, fantasy, and romance. Costumes are wonderful, with Westfeldt looking gorgeous, and setting, script and direction keep the film nicely on track. Do say "I do" to this flick, romcom fans, before too long. You will in the same happy state as would result from a three pound box of Dove chocolates.

Reviewed by napierslogs 9 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable for a made-for-TV, fantasy, romantic comedy

"Before You Say 'I Do'" is actually a pretty good made-for-TV movie, granted that standard is pretty low. As predictable and poorly fantastical as they come, it is still an enjoyable romantic comedy. The plot is pretty standard romantic comedy fantasy fare. George (David Sutcliffe) must travel back in time to win back his bride (Jennifer Westfeldt). What makes this film enjoyable is the actors. Sutcliffe and Westfeldt are two of my favourite actors and it's great to see them in leading roles where they are both very engaging and add an air of light-hearted romance to the film. Like most made-for-TV movies, the characterization is weak. We only know enough about the characters to move the plot forward. You also have to be willing to ignore the many plot holes that come with travelling back in time. But for those that like fantasy romantic comedies, "Before You Say 'I Do'" is enjoyable.

Reviewed by Xjayhawker 9 / 10 / 10

Who wouldn't like to go back and try to avert some personal disaster?

George and Jane are in love but she's afraid of taking another chance on love..a lot of people have been there and done that..but our Ad exec has a habit of two things apparently, making wishes while going through yellow lights and driving poorly sometimes both at the same time, thus we have another version of time travel. An enjoyable enough take on girl marries wrong guy but does the one that's right for her have a chance to un-do her vows? Is there enough magic to straighten out everyone's lives and make things right? The leads are Jennifer Westfeldt as the forgiving girlfriend not-yet-bride and David Sutcliffe as the make-a-wish true love. That being said, this is a lovely way to spend a couple of hours with commercials thrown in. I give this presentation 9 out of 10 only because there are very few 10's and hopefully when a 10 comes along, I'll know it. Watch and enjoy. Don't over analyze this work. Don't look for short-comings and you'll find yourself getting into this little story of 3 days of man racing to woo his true love.

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