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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pdave-96873 3 / 10 / 10

I'm confused!

Great casting! Apt locations! But am I the only one who thinks there was really no story to support the movie? Two aspects that were beyond my understanding - First, I am at a loss to understand a compelling reason for the ladies to live in that house, even at the cost of their lives. It is not as if a rogue neighbor or a local goon was kicking them off their property (and they didn't own the house either; the King did!]). It was a freaking partition of the country! And they weren't the only ones being marginally inconvenienced. Millions of people lost their homes and life savings; hundreds of thousands lost their lives because they couldn't escape early enough. Why did the ladies want to live there? They weren't leaving their farms behind. They could continue with their profession wherever they relocated! Second, the two gentlemen assigned to put a fence along the partition line - what was so compelling that they couldn't move the partition line by 100 meters so the house would safely fall in either of the countries? The ladies did not care if they were in India or Pakistan - all they wanted was live where they were and continue with their lives. What was so important that the country line had to be drawn through their house? What was so important about that piece of land that made it more important than the tens of lives they were willing to sacrifice? There are reasons why people prefer to fight for their rights even at the cost of their lives. And there are principles folks follow even if it costs lives. But neither of these seemed like a valid reason in the story.

Reviewed by rs-45184 6 / 10 / 10

Best movie in its class, built on solid foundation, and conveyed the desired message to audience

Really hard to find such movie now a days, which can portray subject so beautifully ..Movie have successfully and strongly passed message to its audience. Its one of the best movie because.. 1) Unique story - during independence, where bureaucrats, politician, officers were busy in drawing the partition line, and public were busy in killing their own people in the name of religion. One brothel which somehow going through this line of partition stood up, and didn't allow to demolish it as long as they were alive.. 2) True mirror of society - People who do Hindu, Muslim, upper cast,lower cast, temple, mosque, they do visit brothel.. and do not give a damn.. if a prostitute belongs to a specific religion or cast.. In India.. not many such brothels exists openly.. but type of people shown in movie still exists in same way and are in majority. 3 ) People playing social activist , have real face in background, looking for a chance.. to fetch a girl and sell outside... Police, bureaucrats & officers ..are regular visitor for gray market business.. but they enjoy as a free service... Same is happening now .. probably less in brothels..but for rest of the black business also. 4) These prostitutes , neither they were patriotic or religious, were staying in brothel as their own country.. with all freedom inside, and love and respect for each other, and great self esteem.. they died together to protect each other.. and to save their brothel... and outer world.. white color people.. fighting and killing each other for pity matters 5) Each actor have played their role best.. Vidya Balan was in her best.. many dialogues and scenes are mind blowing.. and will be remembered for long time.. 6) I salute and thank its director, producers and actors and all involved for creating such great movies...of course it will not be liked by many.. who want to see their own ugly face in mirror..

Reviewed by saxenameghraj 6 / 10 / 10

A Powerful Story, A Strong Cast; with few Loose ends..

I went to watch this movie for two reasons. First was the script and second, our very talented actress Vidya Balan. Vidya was fab as always in her acting, the disappointing part was the idea of the story wasn't executed properly, I would say a lack from director's side. When I watched the trailer and read what this movie it's gonna be about, I was so excited and I thought "WOW" this is gonna be MIND BLOWING. But.. there were many scenes in this movie where I was like "why is this happening? This thing shouldn't be given this much weight as it is been given..", like those overstretched half faces scenes, When Gulabo and Rubina got into a fight and Gulabo starts to laugh all of a sudden (that was a useless scene), and that overstretched scene where Sujit was caught by Kabir and his goon gang, and Master taking revenge on Begum Jaan by fooling Gulabo only to sell her to some other guy (means seriously?? Was this important at all in a movie of such great concept, I mean Come on, you could have added much better things). Chunkey Pandey's Short appearance was really impressive. I wasn't even able to recognize him. Vidya was fabulous as always. And there were so many hard hitting dialogues in this movie that are going to be remembered for a long time like "Baap, Bhai, beta, Shauhar - Begum Jaan ki Chaukhat pr..." and best was "Mahina Hame Ginna aata hai sahib." and there were much more... Gauhar Khan also acted so well in this movie. Her scene with Sujit on that stone place was the best. One thing which in my opinion was the worst that could happen to this movie was the sudden change of hearts of few people in the climax like Ilias shot himself dead, Harshavardhan became a drunk and that policeman quit his police uniform and was looking at the Brothel in regret. They all were so adamant on dismantling that Brothel before, so why were they all so devastated after that happened what they wanted, I mean a little distress was obvious, but this sudden heart of change!! that didn't go well with the story line what they were trying to build. There was a scene where Laadli undresses in front of the Policeman and his reaction felt way too exaggerating when he starts to Puke after seeing her naked. Also, I couldn't understand why Salim was keeping so many guns and ammo?? Why did he need all that? The story was lacking in conveying the emotional trauma the prostitutes were going through while all this was happening. As far as I can remember, there was only one scene where they were all talking about going homeless, and that scene too failed to connect with the audience emotionally. The main idea of the movie was to convey the struggle, the emotional trauma they went through that one month, how insecure they were about going homeless, what they would do, this was their home, their country, their everything... But this was not made the focus of the movie, instead, the director focused on some rubbish chit chats throughout the movie. Overall, I'd say, this movie should be watched if you really want to see some fresh stuff from our film industry, and watching Vidya Balan act, is always a sight for sore eyes... Just loved her performance in this movie. There are a few areas in which this movie do fall Short of our expectations but still, it's worth watching once... Go Watch It... It's not that bad

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