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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xWRL 9 / 10 / 10

Staggering visuals leave a sobering message

This film takes us to a number of gasp-worthy and infrequently filmed places--deep into a mine and into a steel mill where workers sling around white-hot molten metal. The technical quality of the images is extraordinary, heightening the impact. After seeing the effects of these industries on the environment, we then see footage of the effects on people who work there. The only narration is adapted from Dante's "The Divine Comedy." That was a brilliant idea, letting the visuals essentially speak for themselves.

Reviewed by EyesWideClockwork 9 / 10 / 10

Behemoth, Mankind, Destroyer

Wow.. This is a horrific piece; but a piece of art, I believe. An elegy, a love poem, to mother nature. A sad sight to behold, but a magnificent portrayal of the evil, greediness that is uprooted the earth. Mysteriously hypnotizing; mystical. Beautiful cinematography, haunting visuals, eerie soundtrack; though the equipment itself plays a soundtrack of it's own: horror. This is a horror symphony of it's own. Though, not a conventional horror; horror, at our own kind; what we can do to ourselves, and our earth. A dreamy, almost ethereal narration. A combination of pure beauty visual, with poetry; help to elevate this to a piece of art; visual poetry. This may well be, most definitely is one of the best films I've seen, this year. A masterpiece. A Gem; exposure, to the unsung heroes of our time. Not for the faint-hearted. I implore you to watch this piece. *Spoiler* One of the last shots, sums it all: 'All the sacrifices, transmuted into steel' All the pain, sacrifice, and disease, that the workers will go through, to merely create a piece of steel, transmuted, to go into our cities, where people live happily, with huge wealth, and the people in the mines, have sacrificed themselves, for their steel.....

Reviewed by user-161-409787 9 / 10 / 10

50 shades of slate

Mesmerizing. Does some very simple but effective things with great emotional impact- the endless descent into the mine, the sequence where Panos Cosmatos takes over (:3), the workers cleaning themselves after a day of work at the mine, a middle-aged man scratching away at dead skin- all of them masterful, gut-wrenching scenes. The narration, while very sparse, has a very central importance in the film. It keeps at bay the feeling that the film is just running around in circles, and lends a loose structure of sorts to the film, which I think makes it more effective. Felt like a film that will haunt me for some time at least.

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