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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankcastiglionethepunisher 1 / 10 / 10

More liberal anti 2nd Amendment BS.

Mandatory government gun buy back with your tax dollars of guns the government never owned in the first place with felony prosecution for non-compliance or execution for refusal... But it isn't confiscation. Nobody is going to take your guns so relax. you cant buy back something you never owned, so its really forced confiscation, prison or execution by the gestapo.. red flag laws aka the minority report law, execution or jail because maybe, someday, possibly you might consider breaking the law.. If you dont believe the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right of people to own firearms then you believe that the founding fathers actually wanted a police state run by the wealthy and powerful.. People that have armed security 24/7 have no business telling us we shouldn't own firearms, If they think they are safer without firearms then they should lead by example and be the first to give up their armed security, this means you celebrities and democrat politicians and your families. What we need to do is demand that politicians and celeb's bodyguards have to be disarmed and instead carry gun free zone signs in their holsters. If it is good enough for us "common people" then it should be good enough for them. There are at least a very minimum of 100 million gun owners that have never and will never kill anyone but that doesnt matter to the liberal gun banners, all they care about is power and control.. There are 195 countries in the world today. If you dont like the 2nd amendment pick one and move there..

Reviewed by AntonyCrowley 10 / 10 / 10

Trying to preach common sense to Americans

I'll begin by saying that I have owned and do own guns, including handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, and long range sniper/hunting rifles. As a Canadian I cherish my privilege to own these guns, but in order to receive the permit, I had to take classes to prove that I could safely and responsibly handle and store guns, and that I understood the comparatively restrictive laws around them. I can hunt with non-restricted weapons, but restricted weapons which include handguns, AR-15s, and any rifle with a barrel length of less than 18.5". I had to undergo a criminal background check, and pass a fairly intense psychological evaluation to get a permit, especially with the restricted permit, as I believe it should be. You are not allowed to use guns for home defence in Canada, which I don't entirely agree with, but if someone breaks into my home and I feel that my family is in danger, I wouldn't hesitate to use a gun, the safety of my loved ones being my primary concern, and potentially going to prison being a secondary concern - a problem for later. I also spend a lot of time in the UK, where there's essentially no guns (farmers can get single or double barrel shotguns, no pump action, and that's about it), and things are way out of whack here. There was a case a few years ago where a man came home to find his wife and kids tied up and being tortured, the assailant tried to stab him, and he fought back and killed the guy. People were picketing this guy's house, calling him a murderer, and asserting that the home invader who was in all likelihood going to kill everyone a good man and the victim. He was exonerated in court, but had to put up with tons of harassment and threats. That's just plain wrong in my book. Anyway, as I outlined, I'm pro gun, but only for the right people. Criminal record? No guns. Domestic abuser? No guns. Psychologically unstable/bad temper? No guns. It should be a privilege, not a right. The whole second amendment argument is utter hogwash. Like you're going to fight off a tyrannical government with an AR-15 when they can just drone strike you. I think a lot of it is still rooted in racism, just as it always has been in the USA. White folks are scared of black people. You see those "Oath Keepers" showing up to political events with loaded AR-15s. I wonder how long that would last if the Black Panthers showed up to those events armed in that way. Unfortunately, it seems that the biggest abuser of firearms is the police force. They're not trained in de-escalation, they're trained that everyone is out to get them, and they'd best shoot first, which is why particularly unarmed young black men are being murdered by the police, who enjoy special .protections to be free of consequence. It's not JUST black folks either, the video of the cop unloading 5 or 6 rounds of 5.56 from his AR into a white teenage kid who's unarmed, had nothing to do with the police call, and was cooperating fully on the ground. He was trying to follow instructions but nervousness made him twitch a bit and that was it for him. Even before he gets shot, you can hear in the cops voice that he's just itching for any excuse to murder him. The police force need to be de-militarized and disarmed until they can prove that they can use firearms responsibly within the course of their duties, shooting someone only as a last resort, not unloading entire magazines into unarmed civilians because they're scared children.

Reviewed by DoNotTrustImdb 10 / 10 / 10

I am all for gun ownership.

The first review of this documentary got a bit worked up I think, now I do agree with the second amendment, law abiding citizens should have the right to own firearms, but with that comes responsibility. I reside in Australia where we don't have the right to bear arms, it's a privilege! I enjoy hunting, target shooting, and I am all for background checks, a safety course, and some restrictions on what firearms are allowed for hunting, and all for enforcing that firearms are looked away out of the reach of minors or those that intend to use them for violence. Now will that address criminals that shoot and kill others? Nope as they most likely bought their firearms on the black market. This doco never ever mentions any of the points I made, and don't see this doco as a ''gun grab'' by the left, I see this doco more as tragic stories where people were killed and hurt, some could have been avoided, and some couldn't. The doco is done well, slow paced and just shows victims from gun related incidents.

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