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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tedthumb 5 / 10 / 10

Trying to cash in on original Belly

The title of this movie should have been a give away of what was to come. Belly 2: Millionaire Boyz Club. There was a made for TV movie called Billionares Boys Club in the 80's. Changing billion to million and boys to boyz doesn't cut it. Belly by Hype Williams is a crime classic hands down. Belly 2 is nowhere close to the original. The Game is a talented music artist, not an actor. On screen he doesn't seem comfortable. Check out his role in Street Kings for further proof. DMX and NAS in the original Belly have a presence. Us movie fans can't see what is happening behind the scenes, but it looks like every director pushes The Game to act over the top as a criminal. They might as well have him wear a hat and shirt that screams I AM A GANGSTER! It doesn't fly with movie fans. DMX and NAS had a subtle edge to them in Belly. If this movie was not called Belly 2 movie fans may have not expected as much. It was not close to the original.

Reviewed by cisseem 1 / 10 / 10

Fatigue at its best!

After reading all of these commentaries, I now comprehend the reason why I fell asleep on it. While the originial "Belly" wasn't exactly a rated "A" movie, it at least had a bit of realism. This movie appears that it was titled as a namesake in order to gain an audience. Now as far as Shari Headley.....Damn, does sistah gurl need work that bad? I know she's been out of the game (no pun intended) for quite some time, but to make an appearance on a "C" (I'm really being nice w/this rating) rated movie w/displaced acting is pitiful. Although I loved Michael K. William's role as Omar on "The Wire," he could have sat this one out. Oh yeah...and the walk-on of "Snoop"......was a semi "Wire" reunion really necessary for the drug game effect in this wannabe gangsta flix? Gimme a friggin' break! This was soooooo not worth my time viewing. But hey, at least I got a great nap outta it.

Reviewed by Newsense 1 / 10 / 10

Belly Up

The original Belly was an okay movie but nothing spectacular. You can tell that Hype Williams used style over substance in that movie. While the movie was visually pleasing, it was like any other gangster movie you saw previously before it. The only difference between Belly and Millionaire Boyz Club was the last 10 minutes of Belly with Ben Chavis trying to talk DMX out of killing him. That scene makes all the difference in the world between the two movies. Belly started out ignorant and slowly started to gain a conscious while Millionaire Boyz Club is ignorant and stupid from start to finish. Plot/story: G(played by Game)is an ex-convict who is just released out of jail and goes back to a life of crime after failing to get a job on several occasions. Opinion: MBC is laughably bad. Game's acting is worse here than it was in Waist Deep. He is incredibly wooden as is the rest of the cast. Shari Headley(who is still FINE after all these years) laboriously plays Alexis, an agent who is sent to get close to "G" end up falling for "G" even though he shows all the charm of a pit bull with rabies. These two have no chemistry together, hell, even Morticia and Gomez of the Addams Family has more chemistry than these two. The sex scenes they had in the movie is so hysterically bad that it makes the sex scene that J-Lo and Ben Affleck had in Gigli seem steamy and erotic. I laughed so hard that I almost dropped a bomb in my pants. I also LMAO at Bryce Thompson of the R&B group, Groove Theory playing a crime boss with JHERI CURLS! Yes THAT Bryce Thompson. lol! Also wasted in this movie is Ed O'Ross. You might remember him from such films as Red Heat and Another 48 Hrs. His hammy performance as a crooked cop in this "movie" rivals Danny Aiello's hammy performance as a dirty cop in Harlem Nights in its awfulness. In closing this "movie" is a DEADLY DULL debacle that thankfully lasts 76 minutes. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WATCH THIS BORING, STEREOTYPICAL TRIPE! It will make you dumber than you were before you went to see it. I suggest you bang your head against a wall for 76 minutes because its the same experience. Two thumbs WAY down.

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