Bending All the Rules



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Alana De La Garza as Woman ordering shots
Colleen Porch as Kenna
Marc Macaulay as Sargeant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mesoke 1 / 10 / 10

Loathsome waste of time

From the sound technician to the female lead, this was by far the most unprofessional, poorly put together film ever put on video. Why on earth is it being tucked into RedBoxes and being treated as a new release? We see the name Bradley Cooper and think, "Ah what the heck, a little romantic fluff on a Sunday afternoon". WRONG! While I think the female lead is a lovely girl, her acting was.... well, it just wasn't very good. Wooden describes her well. The carefree insouciance she is supposed to project falls completely flat. Everything about this DVD was awful, and I still can't figure out why on earth I allowed it to play in it's entirety. I guess hope springs eternal, and I kept hoping it would suck less, but it never did. Awful, awful movie. I'll never get those two hours of my life back.

Reviewed by craning10 1 / 10 / 10

Worst film ever made

Seriously , when I first saw this film I expected good things from it since Bradley Cooper was in it as well as a few lesser known actors . Instead I got a film that had to have had the worst acting I have ever seen in a film that spent more than 1,000 dollars to make . The storyline is so non existent that I was waiting for something interesting to happen until I had to fast forward just in hope that I could find an interesting part to watch but the acting just kept getting worse and worse and the editing was not much better . As for the music in this film , well honestly I have heard better in a cheap porn movie then in this piece of garbage . Save your money if you are thinking of renting it and even if you get to see it for free , believe me you will not make it all the way through to the end , that I promise you .

Reviewed by njones1983 1 / 10 / 10

So Bad...

This film is so bad that I honestly thought maybe it was done poorly on purpose, like a "Blair Witch Project" kind of thing. I can hear the director saying, "Cut, it's just not bad enough yet". The cinematography, if you can even call it that, is reminiscent of an 80s B movie, but the lighting and the look change throughout. Some scenes look like a talk show, and some look like a Soap Opera. The audio is terrible. Most of the dialogue is production audio, and the few voice-overs that were done barely line up with the actors mouths. I rarely turn a movie off before the end, but I couldn't stomach another moment. I only watched the first 20 minutes. Oh, and the plot, you ask? I have no idea! If I could vote a negative number I would.

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