Bending the Rules


Comedy / Crime

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Alicia Witt as Isobel Gray
Jamie Kennedy as Travis B. Welker
Jennifer Esposito as Sarah Fischer
Jessica Walter as Elaine Spencer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gino Cox 7 / 10 / 10

An enjoyable action-comedy-bromance

"Bending the Rules" is a low-budget action-comedy-bromance that offers a sufficiently pleasant diversion. On the positive side, Copeland delivers a consistently interesting performance as a slacker detective with his thumb on the pulse of the seedier side of New Orleans, who isn't above bending the rules, but is essentially an honest, dependable cop. Whereas Copeland's character is instantly likable, Kennedy's character is annoying, sanctimonious, inflexible, neurotic and instantly unlikeable. Many of the supporting roles are robust, multi-dimensional and well performed. Unlike many low-budget productions, the movie is refreshingly free of annoying and distracting jiggly- cam shots. It is easy to point out faults. The script relies on a lot of coincidences and leaves several loose ends untied. For a WWE production, there aren't many fight scenes and the fight choreography isn't particularly imaginative. One scene in which Copeland faces off against a couple of dozen opponents is particularly disappointing. It doesn't really have a car chase and there are no explosions. The one big gunfight is staged at night and it's not clear who is who and it's not up to current standards. While the glass seems half empty in some regards, the part that's half full is a pleasant viewing experience.

Reviewed by Tss5078 6 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078

WWE Superstars aren't seen as actors, but in fact make some of the best action heroes on the big screen. They may be athletes showing off impossible moves in the ring, but they are also actors, who portray characters and memorize lines on a weekly basis. They are tailor made action stars, who even do their own stunts. That's why I was looking forward to Bending The Rules, It's star Edge is one of the most charismatic superstars in WWE history and he certainly didn't disappoint, unlike the script. The story follows a by the book District Attorney, who turns to an unconventional cop to help him, when his late father's prized possession is stolen. In order to score points with the man who is out to get him, the officer agrees, having no idea the case would take him into something much bigger. As I said Edge was great, the stunts were terrific, he was funny, and had great chemistry with Jamie Kennedy. This comedic duo could have made a great film together, if they didn't get stuck with a script that made little sense and was all over the place. This film randomly jumps between scenes without any context and without completing the scene before it, A lot of it just doesn't make sense. The whole premise is a bit ridiculous to begin with, a D.A. turning to the cop he's trying to bust to help him get back a stolen car, which leads to an international conspiracy, involving the police, the D.A., the FBI, gangsters, drug dealers, gang-bangers, and everyone else they could throw in there. Honestly, I continued to watch this film for it's humor and it's exemplary choreographed action sequences, beyond that, Bending The Rules is a pretty forgettable film.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10 / 10

Not as bad as I was led to believe.

Bending the Rules was one of these pictures I herd only bad things about. People would give it a 3 or a 4 or something. Then I see the movie and I got to say I was entertained and that's what it was all about. They should rename The Edge The Charisma, cause he totally has it. It's one of those things where I know him as a heel (bad guy) in the ring, but in the movie he has the nicest persona, and I love to see the range in people who I only know one side of. He's no Rock, but he's good enough to carry a small movie that needs that spark. Plus it's hilarious hearing that deep Canadian accent coming out of a guy whose suppose to be playing a New Orleans cop. Jamie Kennedy is definitely the weaker link of the somewhat buddy cop movie thing going on here. Kennedy plays a district attorney trying to put the Edge's character in jail for being a bad cop. Then they end up having to team up to find a car that leads to a bigger crime. Kennedy is the jerk in the relationship, and he plays it too well. Even thought he's at a bad point in his life with his wife leaving him and not getting the promotion he wants, and all his colleagues hating him for not being able to bend the rules, but I never fully feel sorry for Kennedy. He never really shows his redeemable qualities. He starts a jerk and ends still being a jerk. May not be all his fault, as that is what the character is suppose to be but it does put a little more work on The Edge to be likable. It's a good story about the Edge doing detective work going around trying to solve a crime and interacting with interesting characters in New Orleans and it's a good movie for that. Kennedy does not hurt the movie but does not help it either. Very fun to watch, and after watching, hearing what I herd I give it a 6, but it maybe a 5.

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