Beneath: A Cave Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enarth-74248 1 / 10 / 10

One of the worst I've seen

It's hard to decide what's worst, the acting, the storyline, the set, the costume or maybe all together. This movie feels like the project of a group of 12 year old kids whose imagination ran dry. It's inconsistent even with its own characters, they are presented like rigid archetypes, the bully, the silly girl, the coward nerdy guy, and as the movie advances, they start mixing their roles. Good thing is they die fast, so they have little chance to be worse. Stay as far as you can from this piece of ....

Reviewed by lindaj0528 / 10

Awesome movie! A recommended must see!

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Has all the elements to become a huge film. Scary, funny, well written and the cast did an amazing job working with what they had.

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