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Joan Crawford as Vienna
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Robert Hardy as Detective Supt. Brooks
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aussie Stud 7 / 10 / 10

Joan Crawford is perfectly hilarious in this late 1960's 'thriller' where a psychopath wreaks havoc among a circus troupe.

Joan Crawford is the lone notable hi-light in this highly ridiculous yet entertaining popcorn fluff where a psychopath infiltrates and wreaks havoc upon a traveling circus troupe in Europe. Joan Crawford portrays the owner and ring-master of the Circus, "The Great Rivers Circus" - she is a gutsy, feisty no-holds-barred woman who is hell-bent on running her circus while a murderer terrorizes her employees by offing their victims in bizarre fashions. For example, one tight rope walker is hanged by his own tight-rope after it frays and snaps during a live performance - another man has a pick driven through his head and a woman is literally 'sawed' in half in a hilarious scene that involves a buzz saw and two missing screws (!!). Meanwhile, Crawford tries to capitalize on the murders by cashing in on the general public and their morbid fascination with death by making sure that the 'show must go on'. Box office receipts have never been better after the murders begin and the audience must wonder, is Crawford behind it all? Is this just some sick over-the-top publicity stunt? Further characters introduced into the story line include a hot-shot tight-rope walker (Ty Hardin) who also plays her love interest and future business partner, a flirtatious blonde circus performer who tries to stir up trouble among her colleagues by implying that Crawford is the murderer and an incredibly ludicrous situation that allows the film to introduce Angela, Crawford's mischief-making daughter who has just been expelled from an exclusive ladies college for her disruptive behavior. Any of these key players including all the circus folk could turn out to be the murderer, but which one is it? Crawford is perfectly cast in "BERSERK", in a highly camp role that could only have worked with no one else but her in it. Sporting a ridiculous blonde hairdo while wearing see-through night apparel and exposing her long legs while donning a ring master's outfit, she manages to nail down hilarious one liners such as, "That Matilda the Mouth!", and, "Just remember, I was the one who gave you all a home!" while at the same time, keeping a straight face. Her delivery of such is highly commendable. Besides Crawford's performance, many other highly camp scenes also take place in the movie - including a cat fight scene that breaks out between two women after one heckles at the other, "Don't fall down - you might hurt your brain!", Crawford being stalked by a mysterious silhouette between a set of caravans(!), and the countless filler scenes involving actual circus out-takes of dancing poodles and high-wire acrobats using a 'love rocket' apparatus(!!). The climatic conclusion of "BERSERK" is riotous. When the killer is revealed, laughter will ensue as their motives for murdering its victims come to light, followed by a scene where they dash outside the circus tent only to be conveniently struck by lightning(!) Nothing in "BERSERK" quite makes sense, but it is actually a rather amusing film. Crawford never looked better in her twilight years - although she would finally succumb to starring in nothing other than this kind of trashy fare. Watching her being seduced by Ty Hardin is a notch below completely embarrassing, yet it is also at the same time completely hilarious. "BERSERK" is certainly among the dregs of misfired film projects, but it isn't as bad as say a matinee showing on "MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000". Crawford fans should give "BERSERK" a gander - I think you will be pleasantly surprised! My Rating - 6 out of 10

Reviewed by ricky_says_hi 6 / 10 / 10

Too bad every circus isn't like this

Now most people say this is a ridiculous and pretentious piece of clap-trap but they're wrong. This is considerably better than most crappy '80s period movies i've seen. Joan Crawford plays Monica Rivers, a sexy owner of The Great Rivers Circus who wastes no time in taking advantage of the publicity brought in by a string of murders - two of which happen during a performance - and falls under suspicion, all thanks to the loud-mouth Matilda (Diana Dors). She seems to fall apart with each tragedy and soon everyone - including her daughter (Judy Geeson), the cool-dude tightrope walker (Ty Harding) and the pompous manager (Michael Gough) - wonders if she's gone 'BERSERK'. Despite a few airy-fairy conversations and ludicrous puns, BERSERK is definitely a cult classic and should be seen if you've never been to a circus. It makes good use of suspense and you don't know who is getting it next.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 6 / 10 / 10

silly, over-the-top suspense film that is a must for "bad Crawford" film lovers

Okay, I'll admit this movie ain't Shakespeare nor is it likely to be confused with a Bergman or Fellini film! The movie, like many of Joan Crawford's later films, is highly entertaining but also high on the camp factor--with lots of suspense but also lots of over-the-top action! It seems that after WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? that Crawford cheerfully accepted the schlocky direction her career turned and played it to the hilt--starring in some wonderfully clever suspense films like STRAIGHT-JACKET and BERSERK! All these film are far from subtle and low-budget, but somehow in spite of their many shortcomings, they entertain! Snobs and sophisticates may not think much of them, but they deliver on the chills and action! This film casts Joan in a very odd role as the owner of a small circus and ringmaster. During the course of several months, several performers die. At first, it might just be accidental, but when the business manager gets a tent spike driven through his head, you know it ain't suicide! In fact, for the kitsch film lover, the many deaths in the film are all rather entertaining and silly--a lady getting sawn in half, a man being hung by a high wire rope, a guy getting a knife in the back and falling to his death on a bed of swords! I tell you, it's never dull! It's also very reminiscent of the Dr. Phibes films because of all the clever killings. In addition to a fun script and lots of shrill acting, the film features some dandy real circus acts. I particularly loved the poodle act--it's a real hoot. About the only letdown is the very end. How the murderer is exposed seemed a little too easy but how they soon died by accident shortly after this just seemed silly and anti-climactic. Other than the ending, the only other negatives are seeing Joan in tights (at 61) and her love affair with Ty Hardin who was significantly younger than her. I don't know if Ms. Crawford had anything to do with it, but in several of her newer films she played characters way too old to be bedding such young men (such as Hardin, Jack Palance and Jeff Chandler). By the way, for you "Pepsi Watchers" out there, note the kid in the audience near the end of the film drinking Pepsi from a bottle. This is sort of an inside joke, as Crawford was on the board of directors at Pepsi and insisted on sneaking a bottle into her films as often as possible. In her later films, it's much like trying to spot Hitchcock in his films--you know that if you look closely enough, it's bound to turn up somewhere.

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