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Comedy / Drama

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Ewa Fröling as Siv, Jim's Mother
Hanna Alström as Lärarinnan
Ida Engvoll as Katja
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vinterfritt 8 / 10 / 10

Melancholy and joy - just like life

Maybe you need to have reached a certain age in your life to fully appreciate this film. There is nothing in this fairly slow-paced film I'd really want to change. The characters, with their different personalities, are each portrayed excellently by the actors. The script is very close, if not identical, to the lives of those who have experienced ups and downs during a long life. You will most likely recognise the emotions they are going through. All in all - this is a gem that is made with warmth, empathy and a great sense of humor.

Reviewed by freddellmeister / 10

Not sublime

The pacing is horrible, everything is pathetic and slow. Overstated. The actors are OK, but the direction and production of this movie is rather dull. How many times does everything need to be repeated? We get it the first time around!! It appeals not to the viewers own feelings or experiences but everything is laid out in it bare naked depressing view. No wonder Swedes have to be intoxicated to stand themselves. Watching this movie is not recommended. With better pacing, script, timing and more aggressive cutting in the final production phase, it might have been above awful.. Brasse needs stronger direction as his potential to a large extent is lost except for a few scenes where his presence is felt.

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