Best of the Best


Action / Drama / Sport / Thriller

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Chris Penn as Peter Romano
Eric Roberts as General Quinn
James Earl Jones as Judge Issacs
Louise Fletcher as Mrs. Kemler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10 / 10

second tier Kung Fu

Alex Grady (Eric Roberts) stopped competing after a shoulder injury and is now an auto worker. He gets invited to fight for one of five spots on United States Karate Team competing against South Korea. Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee) teaches little kids in Fresno, California and forced to avenge his brother. Travis Brickley (Chris Penn) is rash, Virgil Keller is a Buddhist, and Sonny Grasso is from Detroit. Jennings pushes Catherine Wade (Sally Kirkland) on head coach Frank Couzo (James Earl Jones) as an eastern sensitive coach who understands how tough the Korean team is going to be. This starts trying to be a somewhat serious competitive sports movie. Then it turns more into a Kung Fu Chop Suey area. It never excel with either. This movie needs a more definitive protagonist. Eric Roberts is the big star and seems to be the functional lead. However, Phillip Rhee has the emotional arc but he doesn't have the acting skills to pull it off. This split keeps the intensity down. There is a bit of cheese value but this movie is not bad enough to be good.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 5 / 10 / 10

The Best of the Best

Eric Roberts never seemed to me as an action guy but i guess i understand why Stallone picked him in The Expendables because this movie rocks. Martial Arts, Drama and a great cast that is completed by Chris Penn (Footloose) and James Earl Jones (Star Wars Trilogy and Conan The Barbarian). Also the ending is so freaking touching where the good guy and somehow the 'bad guy' respect the one the other and that totally brought tears in my eyes respect to anyone who worked on this film. Also the fight scenes and the dialogue totally worked so far i know that they made a 2nd one, 3rd one and a 4th one but judging by the ratings i should probably avoid them.

Reviewed by Bezenby 5 / 10 / 10

Needs more fighting

Everyone knows that training montages are pivotal to an action movie, right? But what happens when a film forgets the 'montage' part and just gives us the training? That's what happens in Best of the Best, which barely leaves the film enough time to do the actual fighting at the end. The films opens with James Earl Jones of all people doing trials to cobble together a team of five Tae Kwon Do champs to go head to head with some Korean guys. He finally picks Eric Roberts (who has a 'five' year old son to look after), bumhole Chris Penn, Tommy (who has beef with the one eyed Korean champ), a Buddhist called Orville and an Italian-American guy who you know will be first up to have his arse kicked. After bonding with each other during a bar fight, our lads set off for some training under the watch of hard arse James Earl Jones, who shouts a lot at everyone. No one likes Chris Penn either, and to add to the drama Tommy's having flashbacks to his brother being killed and Eric's kid ends up in a coma! This lot need to neck some Beta Blockers and get to that tournament fast! Couch Earl Jones won't even let Eric have some emergency leave to go see his five year old teenage kid and therefore Eric quits the team and goes to see his son and no doubt buy more timotei for that hairdo of his, while Tommy quits as well. It's all drama, no kick boxing. C'mon! Get it together. Finally, and I mean with about ten minutes of the film to go, we finally get our kick boxing tournament. I'm all up for grown men round-housing each other in the face but this film is too well acted and too well made to be stupid enough for me to enjoy fully. Both Julia Roberts and Jones James Earl are fine actors, but couldn't they have taken a leaf out of a Gary Daniels or Godfrey Ho film and thrown in some side story involving drug runners or at least an exploding car or too? I paid thirty pence for all four of the Best of the Best films, so I can't complain much. I'm halfway through watching the second one and it's much better.

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