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Keanu Reeves as Matt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gideonzack 8 / 10 / 10

Simple and Funny...Zach is good.

I enjoyed it. Was funny for the most part. They cut short some of the celeb interviews but overall I found it funny. People need to keep in mind that this is the driest humor you'll encounter besides Larry David. Overall it's funny, it's not really a film but more a device to show Zach terrorizing celebs. Overall it's simple and funny. Again they could have elongated the interviews, but it's still funny. Oh and watch the credits......:)

Reviewed by gamergod69 / 10

The Worst Thing to Come Out of Mainstream Hollywood in Years.

I've enjoyed watching "Between Two Ferns" interviews from time to time for the last few years, so when I heard about this movie, I was thinking two questions: 1. Why are they making this movie? 2. How are they making this idea a movie? After finishing the movie, these questions weren't answered, and I am annoyed that i wasted my time on this movie. The plot made no sense, the script was awful, it was INCREDIBLY boring to look at, there were multiple continuity errors, etcetc. I feel as if this would have been decent if it was at least funny, but the jokes were so awful that I had to pause the movie MULTIPLE times to comprehend how awful a joke was. This movie lacked any heart from everyone involved, and it shows by just watching it. I literally cannot find any positives within this film. At least with something like "The Room" or Neil Breen Films, they were at least trying to make something people would enjoy, and to a degree, they succeeded. This might be the worst film of the year, stay far away from it.

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