Beyond the Blackboard


Drama / Family

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Emily VanCamp as Alice
Kiersten Warren as Danny's Mom
Willow Shields as Grace
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by willeagle23 9 / 10 / 10

Great Hallmark Movie!

My wife asked me to watch this movie with her last night and I'm glad she did. This was a very well done movie. All the actors did a great job especially Emily VanCamp as Stacey Bess. The child actors they got for this movie also did a very good job. I became very interested in the children and what their story was. And to probably be expected some were pretty sad. It was interesting to find out what happens to them during the movie. And as in all Hallmark movies there are some moments that tug at your heartstrings! And moments where you get a smile on your face. This was a story that I wasn't aware of so you could learn something from this movie as well as just get some enjoyment from it. A good choice for the family to watch.

Reviewed by cgflames 10 / 10 / 10

Beyond the Blackboard

I was surprised. I didn't intend to watch the movie, but once I started I couldn't turn it off or DVR the rest. I wanted to stay till the end. I found the child actors to be believable and talented. I was happy with the job the adults did as well. I found the story to be sad, but truthfully what can be expected in our world today with the way things are (unemployment so high, lots of businesses going out and leaving people unable to take care of themselves any longer, and so forth). I found that the movie made me want to read the book, to see how accurate the story is. I can imagine that things were much worse than they were shown in the movie. I was happy that the ending was real and not a happily ever after ending. Life for the homeless rarely seems to end with everything hunky dory, for some people things improve, for a lot they just go downhill quickly. Most of all I was happy to get to meet the real person at the end of the movie. Although there was good info on how to help, which I am sure was most important to this wonderful woman, it would have been nice to have a better update on her family situation. IE: still married with this many kids, all grown or ages (fill in the blanks). It is something I always look for at the end of a true story.

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10 / 10

Beyond the Blackboard: Chalk it Up to Success ****

While it often doesn't happen, this is the way schools should be. A novice teacher in Utah is assigned to teach children who are homeless. Where they have housed these children and their families is an absolute disgrace to mankind. Our teacher heroine makes a life for these children. Quickly realizing that it can never be all about academics for these children, she first must get them to trust her and provide a warm, safe environment for them and their parents, many of whom are skeptical at the beginning. Academics shall follow. There is plenty of determination and true grit on her part. Of course, not everyone would call this realistic. Discipline problems are quickly dispensed with as an example. The bureaucratic nature of education is revealed. As this is a Hallmark picture, you know the story will be heartwarming and this film certainly is. Based on a true story, I fully congratulate this outstanding teacher.

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