Beyond the Law


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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November 12, 2020



Charlie Sheen as Charlie Barkin
Linda Fiorentino as Trina Gavin
Michael Madsen as Lester Storm
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by philtbautista 8 / 10 / 10

Behind the Scenes - Working with Charlie Sheen

It was fun making this movie with Charlie as his stand-in again (did the same for Hot Shots!). Shooting it in reverse (long hair first, then short hair scenes later), sitting next to him with his pearl handled matching 45's he asks me "What do you think of this Movie, Phil?". He was always very nice and cordial to me. When I went back to the production office one day (me with long hair and him with short hair) he passes me (after shooting for days with both of us in long hair) and says "How's it going, Phil?". I didn't recognize him! Shooting the scenes for the "Sonora" bike run were intense! We had one of the leading outlaw motorcycle gangs respond to our casting call and they spent the night on location so they could be in the front of the pack. Lots of other extras as bikers ("Weekend Warriors" - aka Lawyers, Engineers etc. all dressed out on their shiny HD's and brand new leather!), also showed up (took their place behind the Gang). I worked Security that day (no need for a stand-in if the Actor isn't on set), and had a few "extra" bikers come riding past me to get off the set saying they were afraid of or had been threatened by the Gang members. Probably mouthed off to some of the Gang! A fun group to work with including Reno Thunder (Native American) who I miss today! The quintessential "Native". We did the "Jail" scene next to each other over and over and over! As I said, Charlie (and Linda) were very kind and nice to me. Great to work with/for. Phil Bautista, Austin TX

Reviewed by callanvass 8 / 10 / 10

Solid biopic with an impressive lead performance from Charlie Sheen

Despite the fact that he is seemingly nuts these days, I still like Charlie Sheen. Not to offend what little Ashton Kutcher fans there is left, but Charlie Sheen was the reason the show Two and A Half Men was so hilarious. When negotiations failed and Sheen left, the show went down the crapper. He has always been capable of leading a film, and here he proves why. Surprisingly this is based on a true story. While this movie is far from perfect, it is pretty suspenseful on a lot of occasions. I loved the transformation of Dan's character from an unsure rookie cop to a fully involved undercover biker that is starting to go over the edge. It made for some fairly riveting storytelling. The excellent chemistry between himself and Michael Madsen is another key component for this film. Watching the two bond was exciting to watch. Charlie Sheen is pretty good in the lead role. I have always been a fan of his, but like Platoon, this was a role he really had to dig deep into. He pulled it off quite well, and is a main reason why this biopic works. Linda Fiorentino provides solid support as the love interest, and is a hottie to boot. Michael Madsen is an underrated favorite of mine. He does psychotic like nobody can. Leon Rippy plays the unpredictable, yet idiotically caring friend to a T. Final Thoughts: I dug it; plain and simple. It's nothing that is gonna turn your world upside down, but it makes for an engaging 100 minutes or so if you need an above average film to watch. Charlie isn't just that Two and A Half Men guy, he's a solid actor as well. Remember that 7/10

Reviewed by titanicbuff2000 8 / 10 / 10

Awesome Movie

This movie is a keeper. I've had it in my personal collection for years now, and usually watch it every year or two. Charlie Sheen does a good job in this movie. The whole biker vs cop plot is good. If you have a couple hours to spend without interruption, definitely watch this movie. All of the actors in this movie do a very good job and are all very believable characters. This movie would be good action flick for the boys just to hang out and watch over a few cold ones. The ladies would enjoy this flick too though for its awesome action scenes."Beyond the Law" will keep you on the edge of your seat for quite a while. This movie definitely deserves more recognition. Enjoy!!

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