Beyond the Woods



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December 28, 2020


Alex Zahara as Police Chief
Christie Burke as Paula
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pawelwilczynski2 1 / 10 / 10

So slow it's almost funny

In a few scenes, I literally laughed out loud at how slow and brooding this movie is. So in that sense, it's almost worth watching just for that: sort of like "It's so bad that it's good". The script must have been approximately one paragraph worth of dialogue and action: the rest of the movie involves the camera in one angle for untold minutes while characters say approximately three words per minute, they sit or stand. I only made it 40 minutes in before giving up, and I don't give up on movies. I guess it was worth the laughs though.

Reviewed by ezgolucky 2 / 10 / 10


A character in the movie was not the only person tortured- it was torturous watching this movie. Too bad it had potential.

Reviewed by clydehunter-54886 2 / 10 / 10

There were so many ways to make this better

This could have been a great movie...but it went nowhere. Imagine...walking in the woods...hoping to see a're it comes!!!! And then's a squirrel. But maybe it's a squirrel doing ninja things, prepped to take on another squirrel dojo. Unfortunately, it was just a squirrel sort of standing there, you looking at it...him looking at you. You both know there's nothing cool that's going to happen, but just incase you stare a bit longer. It poops, does what you think is a grin and moves along. That was a lot like this movie.

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