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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flyingsaucer 8 / 10 / 10

A Quality Movie!

The movie is about a man who becomes Ghost(Bhooth) after his death. This Ghost is so attached to his house that he doesn't let anyone live in it. One day, comes a little boy with his mother and father to live in the house. While the father is a sailor who goes away on his duty, the mother and the boy live in the house. One night this Ghost tries to haunt the kid(Banku), but Banku doesn't fear him, rather thinks of the ghost as an Angel. Banku and Ghost become friends, and their adventures are recorded in the further story. The movie generally received good reviews, and was a hit at the Box-Office, yet I feel that it was not given applauds it deserved. The story is well executed, and pace of the movie is even. Acting wise, Amitabh Bachchan comes again with a spot on performance, I didn't know that a Ghost character can be played so naturally. The small boy, does his part high great confidence and comes up with great performance. Other cast have less time in the movie, but they do their parts neatly. No songs, a plus point. Direction is good. Background score is good. Go for this movie, this won't disappoint you.

Reviewed by shashaank-mania 10 / 10 / 10

Funny adventures of a Diissatisfied Spirit and a Notorious kid !!!

BHOOTNATH is a comedy genre movie which has a tragedy as its base. It shows the unfortunate condition of our modern society where children don't want to take the responsibility of their parents in old age similar to Kailash Nath whose son Vijay after studying in America settled there with his wife and avoided his parents. The limit of selfishness crossed when his mother passed away and he came back to India to earn profit by selling his home NATH VILLA. His father didn't allowed so as the memory of his wife Nirmala is attached to this home. This irritates his son and he decided to left him alone there. Here happens the TRAGEDIC EVENT ,when Kilash run behind Vijay to stop him ,he slipped from stairs and died but his son didn't listened to his last words. Till then his dissatisfied spirit roaming in the home decided that he will never let anyone reside there. THE TURNING POINT came when there comes a family of BANKU his kitchen-shy mom and slap-happy dad to live in the house. The ghost has the plan of scaring the family away. But he runs into the notorious 7 year old Banku who mistakes the ghost as an angel (named him Bhoothnath) and befriends him. Thereby begin the funny antics of Banku and Bhoothnath. With a mere flick of his finger, Bhoothnath is able to do magical feats, and more so willingly at Banku's command. The film focuses on the FUNNY ADVENTURES OF THE KID AND THE GHOST until Bhoothnath's past catches up with him. BHOOTNATH focuses on the POWER OF LOVE & FORGIVENESS which Kailash regains with the friendship of Banku. Kailah forgave his son but got bounded with the love of Banku ,so he didn't get MOKSHA(or SALVATION) & he returned back to him secretly and the movie is "TO BE CONTINUED" waiting for his next part including me and other fans of Big B. I gave movie 10/10 because it has everything -a lot of FUN ,MORAL ,MAGIC ,FICTION as well as EXCELLENT ACTING by all the characters .It should be seen by all the age-groups. WOW you should surely buy a DVD of this great movie !!!

Reviewed by Pratik112 10 / 10 / 10

A Good Comedy With Family Drama

I was totally surprised by this movie even though I had watched some of the promos. In a way, this is not a typical BR Chopra film and yet in a way it is - a simple film portraying a simple story. Anjali Sharma, with her husband, Aditya, who works on cruise liner and their son, move to Goa and when they inform several taxi drivers as to where they want to go, all except one, refuse to take them. Enroute to the house, the driver informs them that the house is haunted and soon Aditya has to go to work, leaving Anjali to set up everything and including sending their son to a nearby school. One night, upon waking up, she sees her son looking for an ice cream bowl that he dropped only moments back. He even tells her that he has seen a ghost. But soon the ghost and the little boy become friends. The movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Satish Shah, Rajpal Yadav, Lalit Parasher and both Priyanshu and Shah Rukh Khan make a friendly appearance. This is produced by Ravi Chopra and is directed by Vivek Sharma. This movie, to an extent, has the echoes of "Baghban" where family drama is concerned and is a good comedy where the friendship between the boy and the ghost, as well as Rajpal Yadav and Satish Shah are concerned. But the friendship between the ghost and the son is more like a relationship between a grandson and grandfather. Besides the director, Vivek Sharma, roping in two of the most popular Bollywood stars, in his directorial debut, what is really interesting the family drama angle of the story - its not just for children as some have suggested or as some think, its also for adults. The music by Vishal - Shekhar is quite melodious and worth listening and more so when Amitabh sings. Conclusion: This is one movie that is worth while watching with family, including children. But if a family drama does make you cry, then I suggest you take some tissues with you.

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