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Chloë Grace Moretz as The Princess Kaguya
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Kevin Durand as John Carl Lowman
Zachary Levi as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pjh0704 7 / 10 / 10

Good, Clean Fun

I howled at Big Momma's House. Did the same at BMH 2. If Lawrence does not genuinely enjoy playing this character, then he certainly deserves an Oscar because once he puts on that suit, he and Big Momma are "One." Does the plot make sense? Sure. As much sense as most other comedies of this type. Mrs. Doubtfire? The Pacifier? Deuce Bigelow? Most of Adam Sandler's films? Big Momma can hold her own, honey. The sight gags in this one are even funnier than in the first. The Bo Derek beach scene had the audience rolling in the aisles. And that was just one of many. I especially liked the friendship that developed between Big Momma and the mother of the family she nannies for. Did anyone notice the mom's southern accent? It was a refreshing change from the humor that is usually milked from between outspoken black females and prissy white females. Good for you, Big Momma. But Big Momma still does some funny ragging on white culture, as well as just yuppie culture of all colors. I don't agree at all with the poster who wondered why Martin Lawrence tries to portray an action hero. Personally, I thought Martin looked extremely fit in this film and found his stunt work and role as an FBI agent very believable. I found it to be a definite positive for the film as a whole. Nia Long is feisty and as funny as she's allowed to be. On screen she and Lawrence work well together. The kids in this film are very, very good. Even the dog is funny. It's more of a feel-good movie than the first one and as a mom who plans to now take her kids, that's fine with me. The bottom line: Lots of laughs if you're the kind of viewer who enjoys screwball comedies that aren't artsy and if you enjoy humor that plays upon cultural differences and experiences. Personally, I love Big Momma and would welcome her at my family reunion any time.

Reviewed by Rikakus 6 / 10 / 10

It isn't Bottom 100 material.

The movie isn't really that good. Most jokes fall flat and the film is predictable, but the movie still has it's laughs and it's enjoyable somehow. Martin Lawrence gives a mediocre performance as most of everything he says isn't funny at all. Still, the movie has it's moments like the beer-loving chihuahua and that kid that was always falling. The movie is mediocre, and I wouldn't pay $8 to watch it, but the movie is still watchable. The movie doesn't deserve to be on the Bottom 100 because the bottom 100 is made for painful movies, and this one is at least watchable. Rating: 2 of 4 stars (Watchable.)

Reviewed by ladyinterference 6 / 10 / 10

Middling comedy with some surprises

If you're looking for an intellectual comedy or even something with some actual substance to it, this is not the movie to go to. It is the type of movie you go to, to turn off your brain and just take in some escapist entertainment. It does the job decently, better than most of the other light comedies out there. But what really surprises is how relatively few stupid moments come throughout the movie. A lesser-quality movie would have gone for the easy jokes about dorky white people vs. smooth black people. A lesser flick would have had some of the characters be less perceptive and observant than they actually ended up turning out to be. Poorer-quality fare would have turned this movie into something approaching blaxploitation, where all parties involved ended up humiliated by the experience. This didn't do any of the aforementioned. Certain characters who could have been written as dumber were actually written as credibly perceptive. Certain scenarios that could have been played out as ridiculous ended up being plausible. There was less of a black/white good vs. evil conundrum going on in this movie, and the suspense involved actually seemed worth it instead of just being suspense for suspense's sake. I don't think there was one moment in the whole film where I was rolling my eyes going, "OH COME ON," the way I was throughout the last film I was obliged to go see, this year's remake of Last Holiday. Had the premise been more original, had the comedy been more sharply written, more intelligent, I would have been inclined to give this comedy ten stars. It really is one of the better commercial movies to be released in Hollywood over the last five years. It even manages to be better than its predecessor. However, the comedy was actually quite dull, pedestrian, uninvolved, and unintellectual, which means it earns six stars out of ten. Just barely passable, but a heck of a lot better than its contemporaries.

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