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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukebarnes-53051 10 / 10 / 10

Stay away from the Carnival

Big Top Evil is one of the best horror films I've seen in a long time, it has grungy vibes similar to the Devil's Rejects and again confirms everyone's right to fear the Circus!

Reviewed by Kolobos51 / 10

Amateurish Rob Zombie knock off has its moments, but is mostly boring.

This movie really feels like it should have been released in the late 2000's. The characters behavior, all party hardy bro stuff, the rock soundtrack, the grimy faux grindhouse style, and the harsh violence all make this feel like it should have been released sometime shortly after movies like The Devil's Rejects and Hostel. Heck, it even features Bill Moseley in a sort of extended cameo as the murderous leader of a carnival. In this movie, gypsy carny crooks rove around looking for people to swindle or enslave and force to take part in their act. Enter a group of generic dumb young people that go off the beaten trail looking for whatever and find the killers. Bloodshed ensues. Unsurprisingly, this isn't a very professional outing. It's cheap looking and not well put together. Acting is, eh, okay, and the Bill Moseley stuff is fun.There's also a gorgeous female carny dancer played by Austin Judd. Okay, so it's obvious she's a rip off of Sheri Moon's Baby Firefly but I still really liked her and hope to see her in more stuff. The big issues here are pacing and payoff. The gore is mostly crammed into the second half of the movie and by the time it kicked in, I was already half checked out. There are some okay kills though. And a note to the filmmakers, don't tease nudity if you're not going to deliver. That happens multiple times and it's better if you just don't bother instead of going to the trouble of setting up a sex scene or a shower scene and then shooting around the girl's modesty. Just stupid and pointless. This movie bored me more than anything and it's overall pretty skippable. There are worse movies but I still wouldn't fool with it.

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