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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PhilipVier 1 / 10 / 10

Could be used for torture

It hardly gets any worse than Bio-Dome. Truly this is one of the worst films ever made, and I really hate it with all my heart. Everyone who worked on this abomination should be thrown in a concentration camp and be experimented on for the rest of their unnatural lives. This film is supposed to be a comedy, but it's not. Not one single line of dialogue is funny, every performance is terrible, and the plot is virtually non-existent. The film revolves around two main characters, who are locked in the "Bio-Dome". They are played by Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, who both do a terrible job. Their acting is beyond dreadful, their characters are complete lunatics, and not one single thing they say, or do is even remotely funny. The same goes for the other idiots who appeared in this picture. It's really a mystery to me why some people like this rubbish. It's like it was made by some sick person, who wanted to create the best torture method to be used in Guantanamo Bay. There was nothing in this film that I liked. I would rather fight Wladimir Klitschko in a bare-knuckle boxing match, than watch this piece of excrement ever again.

Reviewed by iaintemperley 4 / 10 / 10

Just complete rubbish

A comedy about stoners sounds like a promising premise but here all it does is produce this unfunny, illogical, stupid and boring drivel. This film is overflowing with utter rubbish at every turn. The two leads are supposed to be lovable fools but instead they are brainless jerks with endless inane catchphrases whom you rather punch in the face than feel any sympathy for, while the rest of the cast produce sub-par performances: not helped by the fact that their characters are clichéd and one dimensional. The plot is ridiculously nonsensical and predictable while the script is the pits, generating tired and/or unpleasant gags as well as convoluted plot points and an awfully slow pace. It's also painfully obvious that this film had a small budget because it looks cheap (and dated) as soon as the messy opening credits start. There simply nothing to enjoy or engage or relate to in this incompetent disaster.

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 4 / 10 / 10

Bio-Dome is more like Bio-Hazard. It's one obnoxious annoying movie. Near-Poisonous.

I used to like movies like this, as a kid, due to the idea of living life in a control ecosystem. However, after rewatching it. It hasn't aged well since then. According to some sources, 1996's 'Bio-Dome' directed by Jason Bloom, was supposed to be a serious character study movie about scientists trying to survival in a Plato's Allegory of the Cave bio-dome environment, while also trying to keep their sanity together. Something similar to 2013's 'Under the Dome' TV Series. Instead, the executives at Motion Picture Corporation of America decided for the film to make money, it had to become a comedy. In short, they wanted to make another low brow hit, similar to their earlier films, 1994's 'Dumb & Dumber'. Because of this, the plot was change to revolve around two clumsy, dim-witted slackers, Bud "Squirrel" Macintosh (Pauly Shore) and Doyle "Stubs" Johnson (Stephen Baldwin) getting trap for a whole year in a closed ecological structure with a bunch of scientists, when they mistake it for a shopping mall. Without spoiling the movie, too much, while the whole environmentalism message, still somewhat existed in this film; it was water down by the extreme insufferable behavior of the two leads, even after they supposedly better themselves. We're meant to see Bud and Doyle as the good guys, but I can't help myself, cheering against them and going with the villain, Dr. Noah Faulkner (William Atherton). His actions to get rid of them, kinda does make sense to me. These two, are really awful. Don't get me wrong, Bud & Doyle do have a morality tale character arch, but they spend way too much of the movie, being annoying, and not funny. The lame totally radical cheesy dialogue mixed with the cringe-worth sexual innuendo, and juvenile toilet humor from some of the worst. Not only do, they act like ridiculously irresponsible children, for most of the movie; they are very disrespectful towards their sexy girlfriends, Monique (Joey Lauren Adams) and Jen (Teresa Hill) by willing to cheat on them. Plus, their unprovoked groping/attempted rape of the female scientists, Dr. Petra von Kant (Kylie Minogue) & Mimi Simkins (Dara Tomanovich) in their sleep is really disturbing. While, I like all the actresses that were in this film. I just don't understand, how, any of these women characters can find them, attractive after that!? There were no good reason, for the female scientists to egg the male-scientists, to keep them around. Honestly, the scientists should had been kicked the duo, out of the titular Bio-Dome as they break in, and the movie would be over in 15 minutes. They weren't no reason, why scientists couldn't reset the timer, a few minutes later, while the police arrested them, as there isn't much longtime effects, happening. Plus, it would prevent them, from practically destroy the Bio-Dome that the scientists put all that hard work into developing, later in the film. Not only that, but it doesn't make sense, why the scientists would continue the project after Bud & Doyle ruined it. The yearlong scientific record is still pretty tainted, no matter, how much, they clean the Bio-Dome. Also, there is the fact that there is an open door, in what's supposed to be a self-contained ecology is a big problem. So why is the scientists continuing to work on the Bio-Dome!? I guess, it's because they need to cover up the mess from the investors!? Isn't that 'fraud'? Wouldn't the investors find out, anyways, when the scientific record come out and an investigation of the bomb-plot come out!? Anyways, that wasn't the only thing, wrong with this movie. The movie is extremely dated. Everything looks like a bad 1990s commercial. The 1990s MTV quick-style editing with everything on screen, being tossed into your face as if it's trying to be a 3D movie was awful. You can't really see, what it is, before the object or text, disappears, a second later. Even the effects were bad; the strobing lights are pretty blinding. Plus, it will can potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. The cinematic credits looks like a ransom letter. Also, what was the deal with the random sound effects!? Why is there, a baby cry in the film!? This movie has nothing, to do with infants! Also, what was the deal with the one random flash back!? Also, what was the deal, of hiring ex- brain wash bank robber/terrorist turn actress for a small bit part!? Was Doyle's mom (Patricia Hearst) supposed to have, a bigger role!? Another awful thing about this movie is the music choice. The alternative rock mixed with punk song from the bands, 'Fourth Grade Nothing', 'Dance Hall Crashers', & "Wax" were headache to listen to. Also, I know, a lot of people like the band, 'Tenacious D', but I'm not a huge fan of their comedy music. I find them, very unfunny. I found their cameo presence in the movie to be brainless and pointless. The same goes with the random cameos of Rose McGowan, Roger Clinton and others. They didn't add much to the story, nor were they funny. Overall: This was the film that finally derailed both Pauly Shore's and Stephen Baldwin's short careers. Thank goodness. I just can't comprehend how stupid, this movie was. Nor could I advise, watching it, even today. It's a movie that is better left forgotten in the past.

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