Bird's Eye

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martinterr 1 / 10 / 10

Short Movie with NEW Record!

I need to say, this Movie breaks all Records i know. In way of beeing BAD! Worst seen ever use of a Green Screen effect! Funny part even, they spared massive outside recording.. making a picture of something as backround. And try to pretend, its the outside scene. Special Effects who are no Effects! Actors who tried to Act but be like Pre Casting for a Contest Show, who get broken up after 5 sec. " no thanks " . Whole Movie looks like maded in 1 Week. There are even FAN Movies dozen times better. This Movie even if its called " Horror" i whould let see even a 14 Year old Child, because the things are maded soo Bad , that such a kid whould feel like joked on or only laughing about.

Reviewed by Quigonjay / 10

Truly, truly awfull

It states the budget was $93, I think it was more like $13, and they probably had a few dollars left to spare.

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