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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10 / 10

The Conclusion is in the End of the Credits

The paramedic Jack (Jason Mewes) works in the graveyard shift and is needy of love since his girlfriend Sherry (Jordan Madley) dumped him. His peer Roger (Richard Fitzpatrick) is bored of his laments in the ambulance and suggests him to date another girl. While going home after hours, he sees a beautiful woman covered with blood in the alley and she refuses to go to the hospital. Jack brings the stranger home and nurses her until she is recovered and tells her name, Danika (Erica Cox). Jack falls in love with Danika that seems to be drug addicted suffering from withdraw symptoms. Sooner Jack discovers that Danika is a vampire and she is not addicted but starving of blood and he has a serious problem at home. "Bitten" is a politically incorrect comedy about the love between a lovelorn paramedic and a sexy vampire starved of blood. The story is entertaining and Jason "Jay" Mewes and Richard Fitzpatrick are very funny most of the time. I was disappointed with the open end of the film but I found that the conclusion is actually in the end of the credits with Roger nursing Jack. My vote is five. Title (Brazil): "Amor Entre Vampiros" ("Love Between Vampires")

Reviewed by hu675 6 / 10 / 10

Intriguing independent horror film has some good moments.

A young paramedic by the name of Jack (Jason Mewes) suffered from his last relationship. He works night with his only middle-age perverter buddy (Richard Fitzpatrick). Jack meets a woman (Erica Cox) from a dumpster and helps her. Which this mysterious woman lost of a lot of blood. He cleans her up and falls in love with her. But this attractive woman isn't what she seems to be. She is actually a vampire. He decides to pick up lowlifes from the streets to feed her but soon enough... it gets out of hand. Directed by Harvey Glazer (Kickin It Old Skool) made an interesting if not entirely successful black comedy/horror film. There's a few effective moments here and there. Mewes and Cox do well with their performances. The odd moments of dark humour doesn't always works but it later improves, when the story finally gets better. Although the conclusion could have been much stronger. Cox certainly looks great with her odd eye contacts, being topless half of the time and even with her face covered in blood. Worth a look, especially if you are a fan of Mewes. (*** ½/*****).

Reviewed by trashgang 6 / 10 / 10

I was bitten when comedy and horror collapse

I found out at the discussion boards on the net that everybody wants to see this flick or have seen it and would like to buy it. Lucky as I am I found it over here for the ridiculous price of 3 euro. I hesitated if I would buy it or leave it but something told me, buy it. So I did and didn't know what I should expect. Yes, I've noticed that it is a comedy with horror elements. Is it, well, for me it's more a horror with black comedy elements. When the boys ex has been bitten and dies he has to hide the body, the music they used in that particular scene is to say the least well chosen. In fact there are only three main actors in this flick, so I guess the budget was low but the red stuff flows, not in a gory style, but it flows. Okay, there are others involved but they all have a small piece in this flick. Anyway, the three actors are great, really believable. Sometimes the movie made me think of "The Addiction" but then combined with black comedy. I won't spoil the plot or what happens in this flick but is surely recommendable to horror geeks. And please if you watch it watch it until the end and that means after the end credits. A big cheer to Erica Cox, I never heard of her and due to research I came beware that she only appeared in 4 movies. She's is really believable and shows it all, if you understand me. To play against two wellknown actors as Richard Fitzpatrick, who is believable too, and Jason Mewes, who we knew from other flicks like Feast and less known Vulgar isn't that simple. Anyway, this is a great movie, you surely will have a laugh but don't exaggerate, they could see your fangs...

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