Black Christmas


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Cary Elwes as The Baron
Imogen Poots as Jean Ross
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MyIMDbReviews 2 / 10 / 10

Then it's War!

This is basically the feeling you get after you watch this time wasting misery, that there's a real war between two armies one of men and the other of women which taking place in world wide, this war has literally soldiers, traitors and even traitors! the two armies are simply killing each other to prove which should role the planet. In this weird thriller with a touch of a cult fantasy, four sorority girls are stalked by an "evil" fraternity of men for... well no meaningful reason other than killing them in this "war" to control the world. I have no problem with a movie that address the inequality or female empowerment from a reasonable positive point of view that aim to help and advance in a better world, this mess of film has nothing to do with what I just said. The plot is full of sexism, awfully bad and weak, too weak that you can literally skip the first 30 mins without failing the integrity of the story "that if there was any to begin with". The characters choice and here's the laughing matter, the females are all feminists and prejudice, the males are typical sexist jerks and the couple extra male figures are spineless nerds who's even scared to stand up for themselves and talk with women. There's a complete lack of positive characters or role models in this disaster of a movie. The casting calls are way off, these actors are very annoying specially the four lead females, even their faces and facial expressions are annoying! too annoying that you cheer against them and not with them. Clearly there's a wave down Hollywood that pushes the whole sexism thing in almost every movie now a days. Here's a newsflash for big companies out there, just take a look to people ratings, if you want to keep losing money on these kinds of hate movies that only spread prejudice, then you should know that most audience will look elsewhere, yet if you want to address a real important problem sexism or harassment in a positive, meaningful approach then it your art will always find many open minds waiting for it.

Reviewed by jess-gonz20 2 / 10 / 10

I owe the "Black Christmas" 2006 version an apology..

Blumhouse is hit or miss with their movies.. THIS one was terribly bad. When this movie was announced I already knew it was gonna be a let down. Stick with the original, or even the 2006 version. The 2006 version was FAR better than this trash. Plus, the trailer showed pretty much everything. So, do yourself a favor and save your money. Watch the trailer instead to see the whole movie, because that's what the trailer basically did. 1/10.

Reviewed by websterlovesfilms 2 / 10 / 10

Get revenge.

If you know someone in your life who you hate then buy them a ticket to see this. Then sit back and laugh like Mr Burns knowing they are watching this awful movie.

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