Black Eagle


Action / Drama

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Gene Davis as Steve Henderson
Kane Kosugi as Commando
Shô Kosugi as Cho Osaki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by naughtyjimmy 6 / 10 / 10

Malta is the real star of this feature

Granted, this is not a great movie by any measure. Its plot, acting and direction are enjoyable but not really memorable. And I'm no expert in martial arts movies, so I can't review Sho Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme fighting performances in this flick. But I nevertheless find it to be an entertaining and refreshing movie because: a) It is slow-paced compared to movies churned out by Hollywood nowadays. I can't stand shaky cam photography nor "frantic" editing. I find 1980s pop-corn flicks quite relaxing. b) It is full of nice sights of Malta, a location you very rarely see in motion pictures. Its fortifications, distinctive architecture, sunny beaches, beautiful landscapes... It's quite refreshing to enjoy the beauties of an oft-overlooked location in movie-making. Malta is the real star of this picture. c) Doran Clark. She's a beautiful woman and quite convincing as the CIA agent "babysitting" the two kids. Why we haven't seen her in more movies is beyond me. All in all, this flick is a guilty pleasure, but for good reasons.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 4 / 10 / 10

The worst Van Damme movie I have ever saw in my Life!

*SPOILERS* Black Eagle (1988) oh boy, where should, I start with this poor boring lame action movie? Seriously this movie is by far the worst Van Damme, Sho Kosugi action movie I have ever seen! Not only the movie is boring and lame, It also rips off the same plot from James Bond 007 Thunderball (1964). When Sho Kosugi's character is looking for those missals under water, the same plot was in Thunderball when Sean Connery was looking under water for those bombs. Three minutes in, already looking like the worst stinker ever made, dumb dialog, bad acting, like Van Damme is there waiting to get discovered, holding his nose because this smells so bad. It seems like Van Damme was kicking Sho's ass more than vice versa and was stronger than Sho. And Sho didn't even kill Van Damme...JCVD dies saving his woman and getting pulled under (almost like a hero's death, weirdly enough). Very boring, not much action, and nothing to it. I liked the two fights between Sho Kosugi and Van Damme, I am confused with the first their fight, Van Damme kicked and almost defeat Sho Kosugi, when Sho gives up, shows his finger to Van Damme all bloody around his face and jumps in the water off the cliffs, I don't get it?! Why Is Van Damme bloody around his mouth, when Sho did not even injured him full bloody? On the docks their last fight between those two guys fighting each other, Van Damme was wining but than his girlfriend calls his name and he get hits from Sho Kosugi's foot in his head. Than Sho's agent shot Van Damme in the leg. When Van Damme tried to safe his wife in the water, he was pulled down and killed why? Van Damme does not uses any real weapons, the same goes for Sho./: Sho's girlfriend Doran Clark shots and kills one of the bad guys when she and Sho's kid are kidnapped, in real life it wasn't a real gun, even the shot wasn't heard real. In reality Van Damme could have, definitely defeat Sho Kosugi, because he was winning both of the fights. None of the actors did not know how to act, Van Damme has no any good liens. I really don't wanna go on about this terrible forgettable action movie, that is not even an action movie at all!!! I am not saying Sho Kosugi is a bad actor he definitely is not! The first time I watched him in an underrated action film Pray for Death (1985), I thought he was Bruce Lee, he looked a like Bruce Lee, I was a kid than when I watched his movie. Revenge of the Ninja, Ninja III: The Domination, Pray for Death and Rage of Honor are good movies of him. I like those four movies, I think Sho Kosugi is a real master Ninja and a good actor and an martial artists star. Anyway the action is boring and really awful bad, this film isn't even an action movie! As a kid I hated this film and I even hated now! Poor Van Damme, he did not deserve to go and make that kind of awful stinker movie! Don't waste your time on this stinker, it is not worth of your time, just skipped. This film get's 1 by me. F*** this movie! Black Eagle is a 1988 American martial arts-action-thriller film starring Sho Kosugi and Jean-Claude Van Damme. It is notable for its location shooting on the Mediterranean island of Malta. 1/10 Grade: F Studio: Rotecon B.V. Magus Productions, Taurus Entertainment Imperial Entertainment Starring: Sho Kosugi, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Doran Clark, Kane Kosugi Director: Eric Karson Producer: Shimon Arama Screenplay: Michael Gonzales, A.E. Peters Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hr. 33 Mins. Budget: $3.000.000

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Bond-type boredom with the added curio of a Van Damme villain

A pretty much average thriller, like a lot of the supposed exciting rubbish which was churned out in the '80s. This one has some nice foreign locations to look at, but the muddled plot is both boring and headache inducing, involving a James Bond-like agent who must retrieve some technical stuff from the bottom of the sea. To make things interesting, there are some chase sequences and of course the expected martial arts action, but unfortunately both turn out to be disappointing. Basically, this is because they offer up little in the way of excitement, because they're totally generic and therefore useless. The only exception is a cool rooftop chase but that's the highlight of the film. The fight scenes, when they occur, are too brief and too tame, I mean we know Kosugi is tough and can easily wipe out the bad guys, so there's no suspense and not enough action. The only fight scenes worth waiting for are the Van Damme/Kosugi fights, where the martial arts aces do their bits, and there are three of these to enjoy, with the second being the best (the first is too brief, and the third is too dimly lit). The acting is typically bland for a film like this, just guys with stony faces barking out orders. There is the obligatory love interest but even the little kids are clichéd. Kosugi is okay as the hero of the piece, but he's never as engaging as he was elsewhere. People complain about Seagal and Van Damme having no charisma, but this guy makes them look like Clark Gable in comparison. Van Damme is pretty good in a rare bad-guy role, although he is no actor he definitely shows his mettle in the fight sequences, doing the splits and high kicking endlessly. It's cool to watch. As it stands it's an average thriller with a budget not high enough to do it any justice. Barely passable.

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