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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caeldeth 7 / 10 / 10

What I expect from a low budget flick

Overall, not a bad flick. There are both pros and cons. While I feel the story moves along and has a clear intention, there are a few holes in it that leave to be desired. The acting is up and down - some people do well and there are parts that feel forced. The scene with the party is probably the best part - it feels good overall - this is in terms of how it is acted, the story telling, as well as the cinematography. There are a lot of generic aspects to it, but again, low budget flick, so that gets a pass from me. I personally think people are giving it a hard run - yea, it's not a big box film with a huge budget, it's not gonna be able to fight with them in terms of all the aspects we judge amazing films by... but for a B-flick... def worth at least a watch if you are into them. Overall - decent flick with a handful of pros that balance out the cons. If you are into post apocalyptic flicks and especially B-flicks then give it a go.

Reviewed by troy-boulton 2 / 10 / 10

Florid B-film apocalypse

Guide to those who choose to wade in - do not set your heart on a sophisticated, slick piece of Hollywood disaster-flare, nor on a deeply philosophical art house diatribe reflecting on our societal ills. This is low budget fare, unabashedly and to its core. More a buddy film / road trip set in after the apocalypse than anything else, this film isn't going to challenge your intellect or your adrenal glands. It is sweet, a little corny, and intermittently sticks it's tongue in its cheek often enough to keep things light. It ambles and rambles, but does manage to keep itself generally on course. One of those flicks that packs in a range of quirky characters and events, yet not too much of great consequence, but with enough of a glittery thread running through it to pull you through to its neatly woven end.

Reviewed by Horror_One_O_One 2 / 10 / 10

Bad. Just bad

There's just seem to be a lot of people out there who are just making movies just for the sake of making movies with no other purpose. The movie is devoid of explanations to the situations we are presented with. The acting varies from passable to worst. The sound editing is absolutely horrible. the cinematography is o.k. at best. Not much is happening overall and the all thing feels very very long and is more of an exercise in patience than an entertaining experience and at almost two hours running time, you better brace yourself if you are determined to go through with it. Oh... And the musical score is as generic as they come.

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