Black Water: Abyss


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nebk 4 / 10 / 10

Starts Ok, Gets Worse, Becomes Ridiculous

Black Water: Abyss is about a group of 5 friends who go exploring an undiscovered cave which happens to be the domain of a big man eating crocodile. There are 2 couples and 1 single guy. A huge storm causes a rock fall which blocks the way they came in and they have to find a way out while being picked off one by one while the water levels keep rising. The acting is decent enough and the effects are not great but are passable for this type of lower budget film. The movie starts off ok with a little character development and there is some suspense when the crocodile first starts stalking them in the cave. The movie then loses momentum and starts dragging way too much however and the situations become more implausible and predictable. At first it looked like the movie tried to avoid all the horror cliches and jump scares but in the second half of the movie those are pretty much the only things that keep on happening: cliche after cliche with jump scares in between. There is an attempt to flesh out the characters by bringing in unnecessary personal drama which seems contrived and only there to pad the run time. In the end the survivors make it out, get into the car and drive off straight into the water again where the same crocodile attacks them for the final time. And that's just dumb, unnecessary and there only to provide the last showdown with the predator that's been stalking them. Unfortunately it is not believable or well done so it cheapens the movie even more.

Reviewed by guinden 4 / 10 / 10

I was cheering for the Croc after 40 minutes..

The movie starts good the tension is there similar to the old Black water movie which was really good. But then pacing slows down and character decisions and actions are became annoyingly stupid a few times. There are some total unnecessary "story" lines. So yeah after 40 min i was really cheering for the croc... Not to mention the last act of the movie which was intentionally stupid or hilarious i couldn't decide. 5/10 cause at least the atmosphere reminded me the old movie.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4 / 10 / 10

Predictable and less than mediocre entertainment...

Well, did we really need another movie about a group of spelunking people getting trapped underground with no way out, a rising water mass and a man-eating creature? The answer is no, not really. And the 2020 movie "Black Water: Abyss" from writers John Ridley and Sarah Smith didn't really impress much. Especially since it offered virtually nothing new to the genre, and there are other movies in the genre that proved to have more bite to it - pardon the pun. And director Andrew Traucki didn't really manage to muster up a story that was all that entertaining. Sure, "Black Water: Abyss" was watchable, but it was awfully predictable and generic. And that made the movie suffer. The acting in the movie was adequate, but the characters were slightly less adequate. But once you've seen one of these movies, you've essentially seen them all. And the characters in "Black Water: Abyss" were generic, sure. And for a movie with a man-eating crocodile, then "Black Water: Abyss" just didn't pack enough of a forceful bite. The scenes with the crocodile were just too far between, and there wasn't enough scenes with the man-eater. So it was slightly boring. I will say, though, that the crocodile was nicely animated and seemed very realistic. So that was definitely a plus. Just a shame it wasn't all that much in the movie. The ending of the movie was just bland and super predictable. It was actually a ridiculous ending to the movie; one that you saw coming a mile away. I am rating "Black Water: Abyss" a less than mediocre four out of ten stars. It offers nothing that we haven't already seen in other movies in the same genre.

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