Blade: Trinity


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Jessica Biel as Tenley Parrish
Parker Posey as Meg Swan
Ryan Reynolds as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tariqdj2002 1 / 10 / 10

Will The "REAL BLADE" Please Stand Up!!!

As most negative reviewers(people who know what they're talking about!) stated : "Blade 1 & 2 kicked ass and was in a class of it's own in the action/comic book movie genera!" This excuse, of a "made for TV" movie is not just an embarrassment to the Blade franchise, but to the entire industry! Where do i start?>> Firstly:>> the movie is called "Blade", so where is he? Wesley Snipes is simply brilliant as Blade (no other actor could have been more convincing), now all of a sudden he's an 'Extra' in his own movie wandering in the Background looking ever so bored, with a cast of "American pie" wannabe actors taking the lead (they're even on the poster!). >> that's like having Britney Spears featured on a Public Enemy or Linkin Park track!>. Is this another ploy from "white Hollywood" bringing in the "snow-white" crew to diminish the lead black actor's presence?? Blade works alone>> imagine Superman, Spider man or the Hulk with 2 human sidekicks?>> Ridiculous! They're more of a liability than assistance!! Secondly, while we're on the 'sidekicks'>> since when are humans able to kick Vampires' asses? (that's like a Rabbit beating up a Lion!) What's the point of having Blade around?>> They're barely afraid of the vampires>> Fighting for your life from a bloodsucking demon with your i-pod on?? Cracking wise-ass jokes every chance u get , even though a Vampire has almost killed u more than once>> "give me a f#*king break!" 3rd-ly: Where's the Intensity, Darkness, and Mind Blowing Effects from the first 2 movies?>> This was like watching a cross between a, B-Grade action flick(Chuck Norris)& a bad episode of Friends! Then > we come to the casting and acting>. All Round Poor!!>> Why is Triple-H in this movie????? Why does Dracula look and portrayed even lamer than the one in Vanhelstink? (looks like a euro-trash porno actor) Ryan Reynolds?? Jessica Biel??? (with leading roles??) wtf! ** the casting director is obviously a genius!!!** Blade 4 :>> Either kill Blade off in an attempt to keep his dignity! Or get Del Torro back to make up for this "Mtv Teeny- Bopper" Butt-Hole Fest!! 0.5 / 10>>>

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 7 / 10 / 10

Blade: Trinity (2004) Defending an Underrated Sequel

I don't understand the complains and hate about Blade: Trinity a very underrated sequel to the success of the previous two movies. The first and second movie are awesome sci-fi action flicks.I read so many negative reviews how the fans and critics dissed this film and how are disappointed with this flick. I love it. I am not gonna say is the best movie, it is not but It' is a pretty good movie a worth of a watch an awesome underrated sequel. Blade: Trinity rocks! I am a fan of all Blade movies. Before this movie come out I kept watching Blade I & II. It was been 7.years when I finally download and watch this movie, today I watch it on Blu-ray and Blade third installment rocks. Blade: Trinity is rated R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR not PG-13 It Is violent, action gore adrenaline sci-fi flick not for kids. I can't believe how Robocop (2014) remake is praised from fans and critics but Blade get's dissed and bashed from critics it is just not fair! My Reply and answer to a negative reviewer: "I didn't pay to see Jessica Biel (hottest body in Hollywood) fake fight. Who cares about Whistler's daughter?"........ Jessica Biel did a good job, with weapons, shooting bow and arrow and the fights she wasn't annoying and I honestly didn't see or noticed her hottest body, I was following the story. I don't know what is your problem? The third installment of Blade is very decent movie! "Why is Wesley Snipes sharing screen time with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel? Who cares about Hannibal King? I paid to see Blade kick butt, just like in Blade 1 and 2. I didn't pay to see Ryan Reynolds joke for half the film."............ Why wouldn't he be? Wesley Snipes shared screen time with other actor and actress in Blade I & II and other his movies. So why wouldn't he shared screen time with Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel? Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel did a wonderful decent good job as a trio team that is why it is called Blade: Trinity! Blade did kick butt!!!! In the beginning he kicked ass of the vampires and kill them, he beat up the SWAT team, he fought in a sword fight with Dracula, well sorry Abigail helped him to kill Dracula so whatever! They don't make movies like this one today! I wish I would had sci-fi action movies like are this one today!! I really wish! I wanna see Blade again in action. Green Lantern get's hate and so does Blade: Trinity. I like action movies I really do and I really wish I could get action movies like are this one. It is 2015 and I haven't see any good sci-fi action movie like is this one today!!! They don't make them like that anymore!!! Blade saved a baby and he also talked to the little girl. Dracula was played from Dominic Purcell who also started in my favorite TV Show of all time Prison Break. Patton Oswalt from King of Queens was also in it. Here we have a fights, a little origins of Dracula the first and original vampire. Jessica Biel's fight, Ryan Reynolds so muscular in here and he fights pretty well. Also I don't care about the jokes he is telling as long he acts they way he supposed to do. Jessica Beil was so much better with Bow and arrow shooting the Vampires like Sylvester Stallone did in 1985 Rambo: First Blood Part II, she was so much better shooter with bow and arrow than Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games is! She was so much better with using weapons than Jennifer Lawrence does! Blade shoots and kills and kick's the vampires. He use his particular hand guns and his other silver weapons. We have a great music themes and soundtracks! I know that while filming this movie there was a lot of problems between Wesley Snipes and David S. Goyer. That Wesley suffered from a mental breakdown and often would not come out of his trailer, he would only respond to the name 'Blade', and if he communicated with anyone, it would be via post-it notes. 'Ryan Reynolds' corroborated this while promoting the film. Saying that Snipes would ignore the entire cast but once acknowledged Reynolds by saying "Keep your mouth shut. You'll live longer." Still Blade: Trinity is pretty good damn sequel and that a good one, I love it very much. I love all three movies and I wish that there would be another sequel after this film. I don't get why people are bashing this movie so much? Underworld got three sequels and Blade only two but not three or four? I know Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson were disappointed with the script and with the movie. But honestly it was a pretty damn good entertainment, I wasn't bored with it. Robocop 2 (1990), Spider-Man 3 (2007), Predator 2 (1990) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013) are getting so much hate and bashed this days for it. I still love them all. My best Blade movie would honestly be Blade II, I enjoyed the fights than is Blade I and Than Blade: Trinity. Anyway , it's a good continuation of Blade's story.There is nothing new here , but it's well executed. In the end it's one of those rare satisfying sequels. I give it 8/10.

Reviewed by yolomcswaging 7 / 10 / 10

Good End to a Great Trilogy!

The Blade trilogy is a great set of movies and Blade: Trinity does a pretty good job at wrapping the series up. Lets start off with the acting. The acting of this movie is nothing to rave about and is nothing extremely special. There a great performances from the cast and Dracula seemed threatening and imposing. The acting altogether was great from Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel. Wesley Snipes actin at times seemed a bit wooden and stiff.. In the first Blade movie his acting was great and it slowly went down hill from there throughout the trilogy. When we get to this movie his acting doesn't seem like Wesley Snipes but all and seems like another actor altogether and not just at a handful of times. The directing of this movie is alright but some choices that David S. Goyer made seemed odd and unfitting. Some of the transitions between scenes seemed off and poorly done as well which is a shame because the first two blade movies did this well. With David S. Goyer not only writing and directing it made the movie seemed stressful. Now lets look at the character of Blade (Wesley Snipes) himself. Some action scenes seemed taking from him and handed to Abigail whistler (Jessica Biel). This was a shame because Blades action sequences always were the highlight of the movie. That being said the action sequences that we did get were compelling and entertaining and very, very well crafted. The humour of Blade that he had in the first two movies seemed taking from him as well. This time it was handed to Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds). I am not going to lye Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and handles jokes very well and he made me laugh multiple times in the movie. But because of this Blade had little to no humour left in him which was unfortunate. The action sequences of the movie were incredible though. This movie had some of the best action sequences in the Blade trilogy. The action scenes handled the characters very well and made them look cool doing it. The ending fight with Dracula and Blade was gripping and we got to see Blade action. Unfortunately this was at the end of the movie though. It is one of the best endings to a super hero movie pre 2005 which is saying something. The villain of this movie Dracula (Dominic Purcell) was a great villain. His scenes were intimidating and well made. The scene that I liked most with Dracula was the scene were he stalked the vampire hunters and killed them. This scene was intriguing and left you on the edge of your seat. I didn't feel much sadness for most of the characters that died though but the blind lady I did and her death was saddening and made me like the villain Dracula a little bit more. The reason for this is because we don't see many comic book villains that have the guts to do something that Dracula did on screen. In conclusion this was a very good conclusion of the Blade Trilogy. The humour was great and the action scenes even better. But I did feel that David S. Goyer sort of lost contact with Wesley Snipes and the Blade character though leaving the main character in a strange way. But thanks to a compelling villain this balanced out and Dracula even outweighed the bad at times. With everything considered Blade: trinity gets a 7/10.

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